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Cosmonaut Sergei Krichevsky opens sensational secret missions

Nowadays, many humans recognize the existence of a Creator or Supreme Intelligence, and hence the existence of the universe he created intelligent beings, who are called aliens. Being reasonable, in the course of evolution, they had to find a way to communicate not only with their own kind, but also with other forms of life that are found in space. Because of their limited technical capabilities of mankind has not been able to do it. But the alien intelligence has already made contact with us in the form of mental messages.

In the early 90's edition of the journal "Miracles and Adventures" asked me to interview one of the astronauts. His name, I do not call, why — it will become clear below. Let it be just Vladimir. First of all I was interested in UFOs, that perhaps he and his colleagues saw during the flight, and in general all unusual that happens in space. Vladimir said that he knew of credible people who have seen a UFO, but he himself faced with the "plates" do not ever.

As for obscure surprises that presents space, he shared with me a mysterious event that happened to him. "But it's not for the press" — warned the astronaut. Keeping the promise, all the years I did not write that told Vladimir. But now you can tell this because a mysterious phenomenon faced by astronauts, is no longer a secret.

— During the flight, during the approach to the space station commander to control the ship could not reach the estimated trajectory to produce a dock. Energy reserves to maneuver the ship is limited. His remains, as they say, nothing at all. If another adjustment is not successful, we would have flown past the station and would return to Earth, not doing the job — began his story astronaut.

Help I could do nothing, because the control of the ship is the exclusive prerogative of the commander. I like the flight engineer, could only survive in silence, sitting next to his chair. Suddenly, at some point in my head I was heard the command, "Take it over!" Later, analyzing what happened, I was not able to accurately determine whether or not it is a voice or not. I just took someone else's mental order, do not do that for some reason could not.

And what is absolutely amazing: a commander, not objecting, gave me control of the ship. Then he said he did not hear any commands, and only realized he should behave that way, though it was at odds with all the "iron" instructions.

I did not lose consciousness, but it was as if in a trance, and dutifully executed the commands that have arisen in my mind. Only through their docking was successfully performed. When we got back to Earth, the flight commander at dismantling "pushed his way to the sand", and I went, though not to the same extent. But the "other world" teams we both did not say anything — finished Vladimir.

I admit, I was struck by the story of the astronaut, but he took it only as an example of a mental zombie. These cases were already in my file. However, they do not occur in space and on the Earth. Quite unexpectedly people suddenly made some action or, conversely, did not do anything. Sometimes in such cases, they talked about the "inner voice", as if guided by them. Then I attached no importance to anyone who is an inductor that is the subject of an outsider affecting the executors of his will. Meanwhile, as I now believe it is — most importantly, because there is a big difference between the earthly and the cosmic manifestation of the phenomenon of the "voices from the outside." Later it became known that he had heard not only Vladimir, but other astronauts.

FSS — fantastic condition and dreams

The first of the mysterious cosmic phenomenon in October 1995, said research cosmonaut Sergei Krichevsky, a senior researcher at the Cosmonaut Training Center. Yuri Gagarin and the Institute of History of Science and Technology besides Ph.D. and member of the Academy of Cosmonautics. Tsiolkovsky. What the astronaut-scientist told the Novosibirsk International Institute of Space anthropology, is of great importance for understanding the mysteries hidden in the cosmos. Here are a few excerpts from his report:

"Since 1989, I was preparing to fly into space and directly interact in an informal setting and working with colleagues. Including with the astronauts have flown in space. However, information on the vision — we call them fantastic dream-states (FSS) — I only got the second half of 1994, which is likely to be associated with the approach of the timing of the upcoming flight … All the information about cosmic visions — property of a very narrow circle of people …

For information about these visions of astronauts passed and transmitted exclusively to one another, sharing information with those who will soon be making the trip …

Observed in flight Dreamscapes — new, previously unknown phenomenon that can be attributed to the classical state of altered consciousness … Imagine: an astronaut unexpectedly quickly goes out of its usual source — the human sense of self-image and is transformed into a beast and thus moves into an appropriate environment. Later, he continues to feel in a modified form or consistently reincarnated in another supernatural being. For example, one colleague told me about his time in the "skin" of dinosaur. And mind you, he felt the animal moving through the surface of an unknown planet, stepping over ravines, precipices, some kind of physical barrier. Cosmonaut in some detail "his" appearance: paws, scales, webbed fingers, color, huge claws and stuff.

Merging his "I" with the biological essence of the ancient reptile was so complete that all the sensations of this, it would seem alien to him the body perceives them as his own. Back skin he felt vzdyblivayutsya horny plates on the ridge. About shriek tore out of the mouth, he would say, "That was my cry …" Moreover, at the same time place the appropriate scripts transformation, transformation of the external environment. In this case, there were not only the sensation of being an astronaut in "skin" of certain organisms, animals of previous eras, but the person as if turned into a different person, and it could turn out to be an alien creature — a humanoid.

Interestingly, the observed pattern of vision — an unusually bright and colorful. Hear different sounds, including speech and perceived other creatures and it was clear — assimilated immediately, without training. Astronaut as if transferred to a different space-time, including on the other, the unknown celestial body. And, once in a whole new world for him, at that moment, he perceived it as something familiar and dear.

The characteristic property of fantastic dreams is a dramatic change in sense of time and the corresponding flow of information … Astronaut begins to perceive coming from somewhere outside the flow of information. That is the feeling that someone is a powerful and great exterior conveys some new and unusual for a person information.

Sometimes, with a very detailed forecast and anticipate future events — with a detailed "show" imminent danger situations or moments that seem to be the inner voice stands out and commented. And while "hear", saying that everything will be finished well … Thus, in advance of pre-empting the most difficult and dangerous moments of the flight program. And there was a chance that if it were not such a "prophetic dream", the astronauts would die.

Striking and precision detailing the dangerous moments. Thus, the "voice" of the predicted mortal dangers that await astronauts during spacewalk. In the prophetic dream that danger has been shown several times commented on the "voice". In the real output, while working outside the station, all of this is confirmed: an astronaut was prepared and saved his life (otherwise would fly away from the station). Anything like this before (without flight), the astronauts did not come across …

The problem of cosmic visions of the scientific community stubbornly hidden. Do not talk about it — it seems not to exist. None of the astronauts never anyone officially about the fantastic visions did not report this kind of information is never included in the official records of the crew. Why? The answer is obvious: the astronauts fear of negative consequences in the form of medical disqualification, publicity to the interpretation of signs of mental illness and the like.

One of the astronauts kept personal diaries, which describe his vision. It seems to be a unique document! However, to my suggestions and requests to publish it, or at least communicate with scientists involved in the problem of living matter, astronaut categorically refused, believing that it is premature and dangerous for a professional career. So I can not, I have no moral right to name at least one name or a ship. "

How to explain surprises space?

Cosmonaut Krichevsky leads several hypotheses prepochtenie without giving any of them. It is possible that prolonged exposure to weightlessness in space flight conditions occur when information emerges from the depths of the subconscious in the form of fragments of the life of various organisms — the distant ancestors of the person in the course of evolution. But then how to explain receipt of advance information about upcoming events?

The second hypothesis is "broadcast-reading", that is a direct entry into the brain flow of information from the outside.

"You can prepolozhit — indicates Krichevsky — that runs these dreams a transient flow of galactic cosmic rays. If the spacecraft enters into this "ray" and cosmonaut is in a relaxed slumber, there is a phenomenon. Came out of the beam — all is lost. " But cosmonaut Vladimir, with whom I once said, is not asleep at the critical moment of docking, when he heard a "voice." And then in this case, the question remains as to who is sending this information and how this subject knows what will happen in the future.

"In the end, it is possible that one reason is screwed to the other — do not come combinations" — suggests Krichevsky.

Of course, to make definite conclusions about such a complex and mysterious phenomenon involves far more input data. And yet, if we analyze what made public on space "voices", "whisper" and visions, there are two main points.

First, it is clear that the impact on the astronauts reasonable subject or inductor. Moreover, it is possible that several of them. If one flight "someone" tried to convince earthlings to leave the space, in other cases, the "outsider" did just the opposite — helping to overcome the danger. After all, someone else's "voice" led the dock of one of the crew and saved from destruction by the astronaut spacewalk. In addition, this sensible subject behaved like a patient teacher, talking in detail about the impending dangerous situations while instilling confidence in the successful outcome.

Second, the information came directly into the consciousness of astronauts. The physical basis of mental processes in our brain are biotoki. This means that the flow of information from the outside in nature, too, was the solenoid. This implies that foreign intelligence manifests itself in space, similar to a human, and his message — and the "voice" and "whisper", and pictures-vision — in principle can be taken with the help of technical means.

It is very important that developments during the flight confirmed the accuracy of advance information about them, which was prepared by the astronauts. Therefore, what they saw, reincarnating into monsters or traveling to other celestial bodies, may be considered too reliable, and not the fruit of your own imagination. In other words, humans mentally moving through time and space without any restrictions. This is only possible if their minds are one "connect" to the various parts of the information field, which contains everything that has happened, is happening or will happen. Moreover, this field is not global, as is commonly believed, and Universal!

And the last. It makes no sense to guess who is the subject of reasonable, coming into contact with the astronauts. To do this, there is not the necessary data. We can only quote the words of one of the astronauts, who heard strange "voice", "Space proved to us that he is definitely reasonable and far more complex than our beliefs about it. And the fact that our knowledge does not allow today to understand the essence of most of the processes taking place in the universe. "

Sergei Demkina

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