Antioxidant found alive!

Cardiovascular diseases and cancer, impaired immunity and metabolism … Most of the "diseases of the XXI century" provoked not so much by pathogens as stress, poor environmental conditions, unhealthy diets, natural unmet needs of vitamins, lack of exercise, and high-frequency ionizing radiation , air and water pollution, etc.

How to maintain your health?

Recently, interest has grown to herbal remedies because they are safer and more physiological to the human body than traditional synthetic drugs.

Herbal preparations are often terpenoids, steroids, alkaloids and bioflavonoids. Today we will focus on the pharmacological propertiesbioflavonoidsand, in particular, the most interesting representatives of this class of compounds —DIHYDROQUERCETIN (DHA), unique in its combination of qualities physiologically active substance.

History of discovery

The level of development of laboratory and industrial equipment of the twentieth century, long time did not allow to obtainbioflavonoids, including Dihydroquercetin, in any significant quantities, which put a barrier to implementing them in practice prevention and treatment of various diseases. For a long time it was thought thatDihydroquercetinfound only in high-priced raw materials — in citrus, grape seed, Sophora japonica, rose petals, stems gingko biloba. Up until the techniques of extractiondihydroquercetinsoftwood production of this valuable substance, and therefore the issue on the basis of its various preparations was virtually impossible. Because of the high cost of raw materials.

In the late 1960s, a group of talented Russian scientists identified DihydroquercetinfromLarch. The uniqueness of this scientific discovery was that the substance is not obtained from a plant in the form of infusions, ointments, hoods (extract) is used from old times used herbal, and as a single substance, a crystalline powder. Now it has become possible to use in the form of tablets or capsules, at concentrations of hundreds of times greater than the previous extracts.

Why do we need Dihydroquercetin?

Dihydroquercetin, thanks to its unique molecular structure, neutralizes harmful toxic to the body of free radicals, protecting it from damage cell membranes, reduces the harmful effects of oxidative stress.

Dihydroquercetin isolated from larch has a high antioxidant activity greater than previously known natural counterparts — vitamins B, C, beta carotene, tocopherol — dozens of times. If the daily dose of ascorbic acid as an antioxidant is several grams, the DHA "works" as an antioxidant at doses ten times lower than vitamin C.

Here is a partial list of useful properties dihydroquercetin:

  • immunomodulatory effect;
  • reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases;
  • removal of inflammation in the walls of blood vessels;
  • normal levels of cholesterol;
  • facilitate the normalization of metabolism, remove toxins from the body and weight control;
  • improved blood microcirculation and assist in tissue regeneration;
  • rejuvenation of the skin;
  • prolongation of life of healthy cells by neutralizing the fully oxidized and toxic substances, blocking free radicals;
  • relief of allergic processes and obstruction release components of allergic reactions;
  • reduce the formation of carcinogens in the body;
  • recovery of the organism as a whole.

Given the lifestyle of modern inhabitants of the metropolis,Dihydroquercetin— The substance that is necessary to everyone. It is a drug that will stay healthy and active for many years.

Features of production

From the moment we opened the way for the industrial production of DHA, it took a lot of years. Why is it still is a unique substance has not yet gained its rightful glory?

The fact that the work is not with synthetic and natural substances to put the scientists and technologists of the new and very intractable problem. In synthetic substances with which both scientists and industrialists have dealt before, the molecule was solid and stable. In the molecule of natural substances more labile (easily changed). On the one hand this leads to the fact that natural substances (dihydroquercetin and including) can not act on a process occurring in the body, to several, which is their major advantage over synthetic drugs. On the other hand — this makes natural substances unstable to those effects to which synthetic materials are quite stable.

Its biological activity manifests Dihydroquercetin only when it is in the so-called "single crystal" configuration.

Since virtually all extraction processes associated with exposure to the plant material or the temperature or corrosive solvents or pH, the extract Dihydroquercetin maintaining the natural structure (single crystal) for a long time not worked. Under the influence of the conditions of allocation of extracted substances having only one fourth of the activity of pure DHA (DHA polycrystalline). Actually gets only more expensive analogue sodium benzoate — a preservative decent, harmless, but virtually devoid of unique biologically active properties of this natural dihydroquercetin.

Recently appeared in Russia proceedings in which such conditions have been found dihydroquercetin selection of Siberian larch, in which there is no destruction of the natural molecule. Finally managed to get the DHA in its natural crystalline form — the single crystal, the crystal is built of molecules only one conformation. According to the degree of purity and biological activity — across the entire spectrum of biological activity, not only antioxidant — a Dihydroquercetin did not and still does not have analogues.

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