Artificial nails: Advantages and disadvantages


Every woman at least once in life would give up vitamins for strengthening nails and nail to try and build up your nails. Most often prevents it make lack of objective information. Whether it is harmful or not? And is it right?

Tips and forms

All kinds of nails down to two methods of building: onforms andtipsah.

Tips — these are templates of plastic, which with a special adhesive opilennye superimposed on natural nails. Then the boundary between natural and artificial nails equals. Tweezers and nail file nail formed into the desired shape and length, and topped with optional gel, acrylic, resin and silk. Together takes 3-4 hours. Basically tips — these are the plastic nails that are sold in stalls in the transitions. Just not pick up, no glue, no sawed them, as it should, you yourself will not work.

Forms — is a plate of foil or plastic with a little window to the middle of the nail. The plate is put on the finger, and the edge of the little window at the edge of your con nail. And on top with a brush spread a layer of material (gel, acrylic, resin). When that hardens, it is removed from the form, nail file and nail correct. For this method of nail length should be 1-2 millimeters, or just put a form will not succeed. The entire process takes 3-4 hours.

From the materials used: acrylic, gel, resin, silk. The resin composition does not differ substantially from the gel, but it is more durable. Technology with the use of silk is divided into two types:

  1. Silk is used to strengthen natural nails.
  2. Silk is used to strengthen the nail on the gel (between the layer of gel Tips and pave a piece of linen, silk or synthetic fiberglass).

The gel or acrylic

That harmless?

The condition of nails after you decide to remove the material depends on the skill of manicurists and quality materials. There are important all three phases: building, correction and removal of the nail. Particularly dangerous time — when aligned boundaries (it is important not to damage the "growth zone" nail).


Plus. Gel — is a porous natural polymer, it is breathable and gives your nails breathe. Moreover, under the gel fingernails continue to grow, and cease to exfoliate. To frozen gel UV lamp needs and treatment with ultraviolet light prevents the appearance of the fungus.

Minus. In processing a UV lamp there is a downside: a photochemical reaction that is accompanied by heat, and nails are very "bakes". When the gel is removed, it must be removed or sawing machine, which can injure the nail.


Plus. Qualitatively, there is no methyl methacrylate acrylic, very toxic material, because of which the nails become hypersensitive "rags." Now, he is replaced by non-aggressive etilmetakril.

Minus. Acrylic even high quality air does not pass, and three weeks later it is necessary to remove your nails to breathe. In addition, the acrylic coating requires special podpilki and grinding, and this dust is very strong and unpleasant smell and can cause allergies (this refers to the cost of poor quality materials).

Why would I?

On false nails nail keeps almost indefinitely, cuticle does not grow, take care of them by almost not necessary. If the nail is broken, it can be restored. As to the material — and the gel and acrylic has its supporters.


Plus. Gel "self-leveling" that is, when it is applied to the nail he spreads out and becomes flat. Besides, it has the same elasticity as the natural nail and moves therewith. Therefore, artificial nails do not fall off. And with such nail polish can be removed with acetone.

Minus. Gel forms more brittle than acrylic, and can easily break. Himself gel coat to remove it does not, you can only do harm.


Plus. Acrylic on forms stronger and more durable gel.

Minus. Acrylic poorly distributed, so after applying it takes a long time to line up and grind. Atsetonosoderzhaschyaya liquid dissolves the acrylic, so you can only shoot paint that do not contain acetone.

What is beautiful?

How beautiful it is — artificial nails, everyone decides for himself. Some of the advantages are obvious: build corrects non-ideal shape and gives a nice color to nails. The other charms — the amateur: shines inside, rhinestones, nail piercing.

At the French court was made to grow nails on little fingers. Noble sir, according to etiquette before you enter will never knocked on the door, and gently "scrape" nails.


Plus. Gel nails are much shine, not yellow even after a long time and have a perfectly smooth surface.

Minus. Lots of glitter gel is put in will not work. First, because of the structure of the gel, they may be poorly distributed, and second, to prevent ultraviolet "dry" gel.


Plus. Do acrylic unlimited color possibilities. For fans of nails can make pink, gold, serebyanymi, colorful.

Minus. Acrylic initially dull and shiny, even polishing does not give the same effect as in the gel. But in time it may begin to turn yellow (assuming that the material of poor quality).

Ideal technology, "acrylic + gel." Acrylic fiber in the first layer attaches the strength of the nail, and the second gel layer — shine.


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