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Once again, the "mystery of the Tunguska"

Until today, the most common versions of what happened in the forest mysterious phenomenon remains a hypothesis about an unusually large meteorite exploded, the release into the atmosphere of a giant explosion and the amount of natural gas, the collision of the planet with a dense cloud of cosmic dust and the crash of the alien spaceship from somewhere deep cosmos.

But the most curious thing is that the local shamans of many indigenous Siberian peoples and tribes still one and a half or two hundred years before the mysterious incident in the forest all announced strict taboo to visit the Tunguska region, is unknown way to accurately predict future giant cataclysm. There, afraid to disobey shamans never went hunters and in any case did not wander a very rare in those parts of the Russian population. They have long been on their own experience of the need to listen to the predictions of the witches of the taiga.

Treasures Mr. Suzdaleva

Happened in Tunguska explosion rocked the imagination of many people — an estimated modern scholars, it is as strong a thousand times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima by the Americans in 1945. After the explosion in Tunguska region is dense, virtually impassable taiga century-old was burnt in about two and a half thousand square kilometers!

The radiation background in that area to this day many times higher than natural, and the trees and insects — more there is almost no living creatures not found — have some pretty pronounced anomalous features.

But of all the mysterious phenomena of the mysterious explosion of the most unusual is the almost complete absence of "material evidence" — any debris hypothetical spaceship or a meteorite crashed into the earth. Moreover, according spent using the computer calculations and modeling of the long-standing situation in the forest in Tunguska region should be up to 100,000 tons of all kinds of debris scattered at a greater distance from the alleged epicenter of the explosion. With all that no debris or other signs of the like so far none of the expeditions working there did not find!

Unless, perhaps, the Italian scientists from the University of Bologna were able to find in the resin of larch in place a mysterious accident microscopic traces of cosmic dust. But how does this relate to calculations of powerful computers that show as a result of the presence of hundreds of thousands of tons of debris? The answer to this is no time.

According to published long before the 1917 data, the site of the mysterious and mysterious incident in the taiga first visited not a scientist, not a physicist or a nerd, not a geologist or an astronomer, a brash adventurer and treasure, a Mr. Suzdalev, worked as a blacksmith in one of the local villages. According to a local legend, Suzdalev one went into the forest and was able to find on the site of the explosion unseen and unusual treasures. Aboriginal and Russian friends he ordered not to tell, and they obediently silent for a long time, for fear of physical violence by being very strong and tough-minded blacksmith.

Just a decade after going into the forest Suzdaleva held in 1910, they reported the details. All efforts of the Cheka-OGPU attempts to find and arrest the smith failed. Perhaps hike Suzdaleva — just a beautiful myth, born of imagination of people intrigued by the Tunguska mystery, myth, reflecting the eternal dream of great riches. Or maybe not — nobody knows.

In fact, the first scientific expedition to the area of a mysterious explosion was headed by Leonid Kulik geological party who went to the Tunguska River in 1927 — eighteen years after the incredible events! She first discovered the amazing and inexplicable radial felling trees with blackened charred from the heat of the trunks and interviewed many witnesses.

About the mysterious incident people said very willingly and talked to members of the expedition incredible things. Allegedly, after the explosion in the sky were clearly visible large fireballs and high double poles surprising clearly extraterrestrial flame — they are different from anything previously seen people strange color and stunning brilliance. We talked about the frequent outbreaks unbearably bright light appears in the sky from all sides. It is significant that many witnesses in one voice said: on the eve of June 30, the night sky was so bright that you can easily read the newspaper.

Quite mysteriously and inexplicably, that about the same light in the night sky, and said many of the witnesses in Western Europe — they have observed this phenomenon in different countries on the night of June 30. Some of these authorities considered simply insane or suffering from neurological disorders. But in the Soviet Union imposed a taboo on information about fireballs, posts and so on, in order to "avoid confusing the minds of people" and not to distract workers from the construction of socialism.

Inexplicable and mysterious, and the absence of any crater on the spot on the giant power of the explosion. Or at least some funnel — none of the many expeditions failed to find them, or how diligently searched. But in fact there is a mysterious area in the soil twelve totally mysterious, deep cone-shaped holes that go back into the ground at a very great depth. Their origin is completely inexplicable even to modern science, which often prefers this topic does not relate to and act on the principle that it is not interesting, because of the "Tunguska phenomenon" is not written unless the lazy. All have long said. True, the Atlantis is written too much, but who can say that the mystery of her open?

Science can not explain the phenomenon of radial charred tree felling — all known theories and practices of the trunks would have to lie on strike blast in parallel rows. And much, much more.

Revelations "ETI"

Recently, it became fashionable to "examine" the Tunguska mystery with the help of "channeling" — in Russian speaking kontakterstva. The set of seers and soothsayers, psychics and contactees from around the world consistently report new information about the mystery of an explosion in the Tunguska region. Allegedly, this information sheds some light on the mystery, received by them in communicating with extraterrestrial intelligence, or through contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

According to the one of the contactees, terrifying blast in the forest is not nothing but a catastrophe unique unimaginably huge spaceship trying, as a needle to pierce the time and, unfortunately, lost in Chronos. He came from the distant future into the past and was tragically killed along with all his numerous crew.

In 1996, a woman-contactee of Russia said: the mystery of the Tunguska phenomenon lies in the collapse of a spaceship arriving to Earth from the star system Alpha Centauri. The ship exploded even in low Earth orbit, and representatives of alien contactee accessed through to earthlings with a ban on the study of the crash site. Why do they exhibit such activity or concern, is unknown.

Another contactee of Russia — Zelenin — even published a book on the whole it was the Tunguska mystery. In his opinion, based on data obtained from the contacts from the "Extraterrestrial Intelligence" and "whistleblowers" from other stellar worlds, the answer to a long-standing mysteries to be found in the area of the taiga river Chun, where there is a zone of strong anomalies. Allegedly, this is where you can find some of the dead in 1908 an alien spacecraft. However, the zone has never worked, no scientific expedition, which had the task of finding the material traces of the Tunguska event, although anomalies repeatedly recorded by scientists. By the way, some contactees claim that deep in the ground hidden parts of the engine starship. But all these mysteries have not yet found any permission, and in recent years, expeditions to Tunguska was not.

Not once were, and people — at least, they looked like ordinary citizens of planet Earth — publicly claimed that they personally are most relevant to the mystery of the famous Tunguska meteorite. So usually taken to refer to a mysterious phenomenon in 1908, has not yet received any plausible explanation. For example, in the mid-twentieth century American Schumann unexpectedly announced that he — an alien from a planet in the constellation Alpha Centauri, so beloved by contactees and science fiction. He allegedly came to Earth in an interstellar ship, the victim in the 1908 crash in the Siberian taiga. Schumann began a series of high-profile public appearances and managed to raise a decent amount of money in the U.S., but it soon became clear that he was just a clever con artist and was born … in 1912.

There was another man who was considered by Frenchman Alain Rocard — so, at least, he used to call himself. He also stated publicly in the middle of the twentieth century, which is the only survivor of all the astronauts who came to Earth exploded on June 30, 1908 interstellar ship. Naturally, after the scandal it caused Schumann to a well-founded doubts. But check approval Rocard was not possible — without having to appear, the sensation suddenly died with him: Alan tragically killed in Algeria during the worst religious riots in 1956, and his body no one investigated.

In 1989, the Western media are literally astounded Brazilian Zenzyu in whose veins flowed fair share of Indian blood: he suddenly declared himself an astronaut with the "Tunguska ship." He alleged that the interstellar ship arrived from a planet called Troak, located in the forty-second measurement. A terrible accident occurred due to the fact that the Earth is in a transition between the fifth and sixth dimensions. If you jump through a lot of measuring interstellar vehicle and died, exploded over Siberia.

Zenzyu himself very lucky — in a fraction of a second before the crash he could teleport to South America after decades finally decided to open up to people. According to him, the alien ship was moving at an incredible speed in interplanetary space and could easily overcome the barriers between the different dimensions thanks to a unique engine, use the principle of special crystal tubes, each of which had at least sixty four corners. Refracted and straightening up in these unique crystals, light waves were given the opportunity to move the ship with indescribable speed, even beyond the comprehension of the people of Earth.

However, quite unexpectedly Zenzyu soon disappeared, and trace its fate was not possible either for journalists or for the police — it is as mysterious and enigmatic as the fate of the Tunguska meteorite. It has been suggested that the aliens 'took' his brother, that he did not hang out too much "natives." By the way, I do not unique to crystals were "countless treasures", a blacksmith Suzdaleva found at the crash site?

In Russia in the last decade of the twentieth century, some Evenk Nikolaev said that he is a descendant of one of the pilots' Tunguska ship. " Allegedly, his father was an alien, and having no other way to survive here, married a woman from the tribe of the Evenki. As evidence, "a descendant of aliens" demonstrated to the chip of the aircraft, the analysis of which has shown that the composition of an aluminum alloy, used in the mid-twentieth century in the aviation industry. But most of Nikolaev also has not been examined.

The author focuses on this point, because really, other than an impostor Schumann, none of the people who declared their involvement in the Tunguska meteorite was not examined and tested, and some of them even died under mysterious circumstances or disappeared in mysterious ways!

What they say about surveys — from the "astronauts" are often dismissed, often considered them just mentally abnormal, called brash scams. And now they are (if they actually exist), or virtually no, they saw the complete futility of all attempts to attract the attention of the scientific community, just stopped opening in front of us? .. In any event, the Tunguska mystery of the Tunguska meteorite and astronauts remain unsolved.

Valentin Vladimirov

The Secret Power 14.2003

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