At a military warehouse in Colorado leaked mustard


Storage of chemical weapons in Pueblo. Photo from

3.08.11.Na stock of chemical weapons in southern Colorado leak fixed chemical warfare agent mustard. This was reported by Reuters.

The incident took place on Tuesday, August 2, in the storage of chemicals in the U.S. Army Pueblo. Pair of mustard present in the air, were found during a routine inspection.

Air purification engineers have installed an additional ventilation system. According to the preliminary version, the leakage of poisonous gave artillery shells. Five damaged ammunition is found and isolated.

This is not the first incident in the storage of chemicals in Pueblo for the last few days. At the weekend near the warehouse was struck by lightning, causing the neighborhood on fire. According to local publication The Pueblo Chieftain, the fire was extinguished quickly, the threat of leaks was not.

Warehouse of chemical weapons in Pueblo — one of five such facilities in the U.S.. According to The Denver Post, in underground storage in the warehouse stored 2,600 tons of mustard gas and more than 700,000 munitions with poison gas. In accordance with international agreements, the U.S. has destroyed much of its chemical weapons arsenal, which in addition to sulfur mustard is sarin nerve gas VX and other substances.

Mustard gas was first used by Germany during World War II. Mustard gas poisoning causes sores on the skin, swelling of the mucous membranes, nausea, and in the case of a high concentration of the substance — to the death.

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