At Kuban gas field formed Gryphon


MOSCOW, March 1. In the territory of a gas well in the Crimean region of Kuban formed the so-called "Griffin" — is a periodic release of sand, gas, water and dirt.

According to the press service of the Southern regional center of Ministry of Emergency Situations, the accident became known yesterday around noon. Gryphon was formed in the Trinity area because of the integrity of the production casing wells Anastasievsko Trinity field. Height of the eruption is about 5 meters.

No threat to the population, the nearest town Guards is 10 km from the place of exit griffin.

To eliminate gazovodoproyavleniya works on the assembly diagram of uninterrupted water. Since the acquisition scheme and its testing will begin daily injection of water into the tube space, the results will be determined next steps. These works will be completed on March 2 at 17:00 MSK.

General management of the work holds the headquarters for the development of activities and work on localization and liquidation gazovodoproyavleniya "Rosneft Krasnodarneftegaz."


PS. That's just picked up and formed.

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