At Nebraska snowstorm hit


16.04.11.Nesmotrya the fact that in most of the U.S. spring had come, in the state of Nebraska for the night fell to 40 inches of precipitation — wet snow, so it was severely disrupted transport.

According to ITAR-TASS, was closed because of bad weather a 280-kilometer stretch of the main highway of the state. The traffic was restored only after 17 hours. All this time, road workers and public services had to shovel piles of snow and dig out the abandoned car.

Despite almost zero visibility, serious accidents happened. In the hospital were brought about 10 people, escaped with minor injuries. The state authorities have warned that traffic on the motorway for some will be difficult. Residents advised not to use personal vehicles unless absolutely necessary.

The fall of the trees due to strong wind on the power line leading to blackouts in parts of Nebraska and neighboring states — Kansas and Colorado.


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