At Talovsky area spotted a UFO




UFO Talovsky district of Voronezh region spotted workers radar position. Such by Russia of 9, and they belong to the Moscow center of air traffic control. Until recently, the facility was considered a secret, and the anomalies are grown accustomed.
In people, this object is called a "ball". What are the functions it performs, not even all know talovtsy. Locators intersect all aircraft within range of about 400 kilometers. The computer records the number of helicopter, its location, altitude and fuel capacity. This data is transmitted to the controller Moscow.
Gennady Tarasenko, engineer Talovskaya radar position: "In Switzerland, there was a case when the object is not working. As a result of our aircraft collided with the American Boeing, people died. So our service is so important. That is, the eyes and ears of the manager. "
Radar item serves 18 people, mostly engineers and technicians. Many people are working here since it opened. The next year, "ball" is 25 years old. Equipment well preserved, though and spent double resource.
Victor Zonov technician Talovskaya radar position: "We are all provided. There are different locking is provided by microwave suit special. In which case, we use these protective measures. "
Specialists working in high-risk environments. High-frequency radiation locators felt even a video camera. When filming was hopping image, and appeared strange sound. There were here and other interesting things.
Zakurdaev Alexander, head of the Talovskaya radar site: "Two years ago, at the beginning of the construction of the new radar, which is near here, the antenna turns, I went to take the camera to start construction. And then in the evening, when viewed on a computer, discovered a strange object, much like a UFO. It's almost a plate, you can say in a clear sky. "
Workers points suggest that the plates are fed energy. On computer monitors can track the movement of all aircraft. Other flying objects attendants never noticed. Now, they occasionally come out and examine the sky — what if there was unusual. They say nice when their service is in demand not only by people but also by extraterrestrial beings.


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