At the south pole found balls — killers

After a long time scientists and forwarders could not unravel the mystery of why the South Pole died in unclear circumstances, the whole expedition travelers.

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But in February 2012, there was a big event which can only be compared with the first manned flight into space. Russian polar explorers after years of trying, broke through the ice, the thickness of which is four kilometers away, and made it to the surface of Lake Vostok, which is hidden under the ice. Scientists suggest that the lake is in isolation from the world for millions of years, can help to reveal the secrets of the mainland.

On one such expedition said polar Yuri Korshunov, who miraculously survived the infamous trek to the South Pole, which took place in the fifties of the century. Of the six people who went to the station to the pole, to live there were only two.

The official version of the polar explorers — people caught fierce storm and frost. However, later, by polar explorer spoke and explained that from — for which four people perished in the ice.
Balls Killer

The story of the Soviet polar explorers first appeared in a popular American newspaper. He said that the entire route they traveled in just 3 weeks, and during the whole time was good for Antarctica, with a complete lack of wind weather — minus 30C. Trouble began to occur only when they camped at the point at which, after all the necessary measurements had to be the South Pole. On that terrible night all went to go to bed early, but sleep was impossible. Yuri suddenly felt uneasy and left the tent. What he saw next, defied explanation. Near their tent, he saw a large, glowing ball bouncing.

Yuri shouted, and everyone who was inside ran into the street. Slowly, the ball was closer to the polar explorers. One of them took the camera and went to photograph the unknown phenomenon. Not hearing the cries of his comrades, polar explorer went away, after which the ball clung to him and formed a halo over his head. After the shots on it all rushed to the fallen backwards forwarder and found that he left this world. The same thing happened on other days. In only two survived.

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