At Yuzhnouralskaya crops comes locusts. Video


22.07.11.Fermery Southern Urals moving to a state of siege. Their crops come swarms of locusts.

Threatened — almost half the field Agapovka area. In Bashkortostan — there, where the army is a multibillion-dollar insect pests have eaten dozens of hectares of crops.

This enemy does not shoot at the enemy, and takes no prisoners — just very hungry. Breakfast grain crops, lunch grass in pastures. Another week of such a rich diet, and throughout the year there will be nothing to the local villagers. "Breathe freely — pay it back, and here such attack" — lamenting farmer CX "Field" Vladimir Rudenko.

In Bashkiria has nine districts of the republic declared a state of emergency. Here are fighting not only locusts parallel attempt to neutralize the army webworm larvae. Agronomist branch FSI "ROSSELHOZTSENTR" by Farid Sterlitabashevskomu area Iskandarov said: "Even up to 500 copies of caterpillars per square meter."

The attack on the enemy from the ground and from the air. Secret Weapon of the villagers — special chemicals. Crop sprayed from airplanes and gliders. Poison acts instantly. However hour pilots and engineering, plus the cost of chemical weapons — is 700 thousand rubles. The money for such weapons is not at all.

Someone let the field tractors, someone puts posts on at all times. But locusts have tactics to raid the fields are several times during the season. Director SHP "Light grain" Vladimir Belyaev said: "She got up on the wing — locusts — and goes from Bashkortostan. Hold back for now ".

Farmers now have to stop and forage spend all forces and means to combat pests. Just how serious the situation is the fact that the state of emergency has been announced throughout the South Urals.
Xenia Komissarov, Marat Kashapov, Anton Grabarev

Source: STRC "South Ural"

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