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In the Atlantic, recorded a gamma emissions emanating from the earth and the sea, and aimed at the Sirius star system, now the U.S. Navy blocked the area. Removing the "corner stone" (light source) and that its delivery to the military base, was the reason for closing the base.

Russian Space Forces report circulating in the Kremlin today says that one of their satellites "Kosmos-2469, which is currently in orbit over North America discovered the release of gamma radiation" unprecedented scale ", emitted from the vicinity of military base Dugway, located in the state of Utah. According to the report, the formation of what is described as a magnetic vortex "first appeared in the Gulf of Aden (see our report dated December 1, 2010 The mysterious vortex prevents the start of a global weather catastrophes) A growing number of gamma-ray emission coming from the ground and the sea, and aimed at the star system of Sirius, was discovered by Russian scientists and led many to confidence in the fact that they belong to a kind of ancient "early warning system".
One of the largest emission of gamma radiation was detected coming out of the sea off the coast of Florida in the area has long been considered were once part of the lost continent of Atlantis.

Unlike other places in the world, where they found these gamma emissions anomaly generated on the coast of Florida is in relatively shallow water, about 500 meters below sea level.
And last week the U.S. Navy blocked the area for one of the largest military operations (such as exercise)

Now according to this report, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued an unprecedented warning to all pilots flying over this area [see map on the 3rd photo left] that between the dates of January 20 and 22 February, the Ministry of Defense (DOD) will be "testing". GPS is so much fail at the time of the operation.

The report FSI says that in fact, this operation aims to extract from the pyramid structure, found at the bottom of the coast of Florida, some "Castle (corner) stone," is considered the source of the mysterious light, and transport it to the Dugway base for further research.

After delivery of the mysterious "cornerstone" of the landfill Dugway, research and allegedly began "Kosmos-2469 detected a massive series of gamma-ray bursts emanating from that location.
And the news from the United States said that the base commander, Colonel William King, to block access to all its facilities, due to serious problems.

According to the official government website of the base [photo below left] we can read:

"The Defense Ministry had intended Dagueysky landfill as the primary testing laboratory and testing center of chemical and bacteriological weapons.
The landfill occupies 798,214 acres.


It is located in the desert about 85 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah. Surrounded on three sides by mountain ranges, the terrain varies from level salt flats to the sand dunes and the foothills "

However, independent U.S. researchers talk about Dagueyskom landfill following:

"… His huge size and distance are many secret purposes, and its main area also serves as a platform for the U.S. Air Force flight test.

Argues that there also has recovered in the past UFO and UFO activity often manifests itself in this area.

It is assumed that many of the secrets of "Area 51" was moved to this area, in conjunction with all manifestations of UFO activity allowed to call this place "Zone 52"

It was alleged that in November 2009, "Meteor" (UFO?), Lighting the night sky exploded in the atmosphere. Scholars, tracing the path, and found that part of it fell in the landfill area Dugway, so this has not received much publicity, as many would want to look for debris in the area. But even a small publicity led to the fact that the area is not just closed to civilians, but the military does not even have access to some areas because they are deemed too dangerous. "

One of the independent American researchers named Steve Quayle also wrote about this mysterious "Atlantic anomaly," and we can read it in our January report entitled "Anomaly in the Atlantic" — strange Bermuda Triangle, ancient gates opening, or ascent of Atlantis? "In which, in particular:

"On Friday 1/22 agitated many hams trying to communicate with the base station in Puerto Rico, and in the discussions referred to" anomalies ", which causes great difficulties in radio due to abnormal problems with the passage of radio waves .. Station, which is off the coast of Florida and in the Caribbean, when working with a station in Puerto Rico, had several times to change the frequency to achieve a tolerable Reception.
Late on Friday, "Anomaly" was discovered amateur radio operator.

It was initially described as an amplitude-modulated signal with the extreme power of a few megawatts. The signal was constant, but not pulsed, and was in the VLF. The signal was seen on the spectrum analyzer, as well as equipment used to detect the VLF and display of lightning
The problem is that the storms in this area was not.

Location "anomaly" was also actually further away from the coast of Florida than the place "to test GPS", specified in the center circle and closer to the field of the Bermuda Triangle

In particular, it was found that it produces a repeating pattern that was very strange, and unlike any ever heard a radio signal.

It was not a "whistler" or lightning or any other geophysical signals that ham ever heard for more than 40 years of experience, he said ……. this is not the case of human hands and it causes serious problems. It appears on the lightning detection maps but repeated where thunderstorms were not.

On Saturday, 1/22 "anomaly" remained in place and seemed to be slowly gaining ground.
In addition, other "anomalies" with the same signal were found hundreds of miles north of the "original", and in each of these separate "anomalies" was two distinct sources very close to each other. Saturday storms in these areas was not.

As we mentioned in our previous report and in reports, complex and trudnyevoprosy now confronting our Earth are too bulky for the average person. Will take decades and possibly centuries to the fact that to get a direct knowledge, to decipher, decode and fully understand the seriousness of the warnings given to us by our ancient ancestors that is happening now and will happen in the future.

Believe in what your leaders tell you the truth about what really happens when more and more disasters continue to strike the planet — it is not only foolish, it is dangerous.

Last week one of the leading experts on the weather in the United States, Joe Bastardi of State College, Pennsylvania, was forced to admit that the dreadful weather in the world is not only unprecedented, but no one can tell what is causing this. (Watch his report HERE)

Now, perhaps, it would be better for everyone to do what these so-called leaders are doing for yourself and not listen to what they say, paying attention to such examples as the Chinese underground tunnels, aka underground "Great Wall" Hebei Province, the total length of more than 5,000 km state contract by the U.S. government hundreds of millions of blankets, sleeping bags and suhpaykov, the Russian government building 5,000 additional shelters and construction of the so-called Norway "Doomsday Seed Vault", which holds the seeds and DNA of all terrestrial plants.

Now, you can believe the thousands of myths and legends, handed down through the centuries by our ancient ancestors, about what is happening to our Earth, that the "end of days, our planet will cry out to the heavens, to the gods," which then "down to earth" to "save the remnants of humanity and restore what will soon be destroyed."

And when these ancient myths and legends combined with the technical knowledge that we have today, it begins to seem that whoever or whatever were not these "gods", but when they left the planet after the last "tumbling", then set up a monitoring system our Earth, to return when the "end of the age" will come again.

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