Away from Heaven




Messages about aliens from outer space appeared at the dawn of humanity. Evidence of a visit by representatives of the planet extraterrestrial civilizations come down to us from ancient times. One such intriguing stories about creatures supposedly "fallen to the ground from the sky," written by the Archbishop Agobara Lyon (France).

His book is called "The City and the thunder," written about in 820, tells the story of how a crowd of superstitious citizens seized three men and one woman, and kept them in chains for a few days. Excited liontsy claimed that the four came down with the ship, sailed through the clouds to steal their crops. But the prisoners confessed and swore that they were just simple farmers, and the ship blew their mysterious men who showed them unseen wonders.

The crowd brought prisoners to court to Agobaru, and the archbishop, reasoning that they are wrong as well as others, ordered the release of captives.

Even some of the Bible stories sometimes associated with the visit of aliens. So, theologian Dr. Barry Downing in his book "The Bible and Flying Saucers" (1968) reflects on the complex visions of the prophet Ezekiel to visit around 600 BC

The story of Ezekiel's fiery cloud on wheels with a human-like creatures, who took him to another world, remarkably similar to the modern history of the abduction by aliens.

In the Indian "Vedas" also referred to a flying machine called "vimanas" run-human beings with powerful weapons.

In I. BC Greek historian Plutarch quoted a contemporary story about the battle of Egospotamah in September 405 BC, when a Spartan commander Lysander defeated the Athens-sky fleet, "Continuously for 75 days in the sky you can see a big cloud of burning, and it was not an on the spot and moved jerkily on a random trajectory. "

Perhaps it was a comet, but the mention of intermittent movement on a complex trajectory makes a guess unlikely.

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