Baby with two heads born in Brazil


Brazilian baby with two heads

21.12.11.Neobychny child born in Anzhas in northern Brazil on Monday 19 December. 25-year-old mother found out about his long-awaited abnormality baby only a few hours before the birth.

A girl who lives in the rural areas in the state of Pará, never did an ultrasound during the pregnancy. December 19 lady felt bad and decided to go to the city hospital.

Scan results shocked not only childbirth, but also doctors. The monitor shows the presence of two head development in the fetus.

In such circumstances, doctors poschtitali that the only right thing to do would be to hold the caesarean section to avoid any risk to the health of mother and child. The procedure took about an hour.

— Despite the unusual circumstances and meager technical equipment clinic, we were able to save the lives of both. To our surprise, the baby was born perfectly healthy and feels great — shared health facility staff.

The boy was fully formed two heads on one body. All the internal organs are also presented in a single ekzemlyare and working properly.

Miracle baby is a rare type of conjoined twins — dicephalus dibrahius. Pododobnoe splicing occurs as a result of the fact that one of the children ceases to develop properly, disease in normally developing second body.

In addition to the newborn of a woman already has three children, the assurances of doctors, the mother did not express any dissatisfaction with the advent of dual-head son.

— On the contrary, the two have been inseparable since birth, now they are further studies in a larger clinic, if all goes well, they will go home at the end of this week — told in the hospital.

This is not the first time the birth of crumbs with two heads. In 2009, like Siamese twins born in Indonesia. The child did not live, and seven days. And in May 2011, dual-head girl was born in China.

Ekaterina Sidorova

Source: Life News Online

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