Back to the Bible's view of the universe

Back to the Bible's view of the universe can be explained by the flood 2012, which all concerned. Beloved Spiritual Fathers and academics Orthodox! Can you imagine to exist without each other? World of knowledge of good and evil can not be stopped. A dispute is the same: "the creation or appearance."

World knowledge of evil is great, if you look at it from the inside. Guys, I am 55, I am one of you, who studied science from textbooks, "the Ministry of Education of the USSR." And only the collapse of the Soviet Union destroyed the lab. Let us, as before in nature, to halt the Bible and read a book in which Cyril and Methodius, recreated the law of God and the mystery of the creation of the Peace for the Orthodox people. Material scientists, (others probably not), feel free to look in the Bible, and theologians like the "scribes", store and sometimes not even understood the word. After all, we all love the legend? Take the globe and the Bible, it is enough, but for the credibility of religions, review the details of other peoples of the flood and the creation of the World.

Everyone says, "… there was evening and there was morning, one day." And even creating "two great lights: the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to rule the night", all the same, "There was evening and there was morning." Noah was the first man of the family of Seth, who at first was the revelation of the night, and then he saw her. Why is it so strange behavior of water? It is written, "water covered, the highest mountains, is not flooded" (How they behave liquid in an electrostatic field? Liquids do not spread and cover the surface evenly. Electrostatic painting method, has long been used in engineering). In China, for example, won the flood digging canals, building dams, thus lowered the water below. What is interesting is described Noah's Ark! Take two plastic bottles, one larger and one smaller one inside the other place, and, providing holes in the sides, gluing the outer dip in the water. After earning a little water, is a "flotation device" — Unsinkable, the holes are working as a valve bypass air and equalizing the pressure and float inside the second compartment was relatively comfortable. Due to the rotation of the outer casing, the electrostatic forces did not raise, and the directional movement of electrons on the surface, Emission, I think gopher wood, showed improved conductivity (gyroscopic effect). Friends ask — and how animals fit? For this we need to know why the seven, two, and why that is, of every creature, in pairs, it was told to take. Noah was a righteous man, but we? "It would not stretch out his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever" (Genesis 3, 22). Experiments on the Creation of flesh may turn out to be the next "Tower of Babel".

But while the creation of the World. Interesting discoveries made for himself Noah: sowing, harvest, cold, heat, summer, winter, day, night — do not stop! (Byt.8, 22). People lived without knowing them. I wonder of the rainbow as a child, we indulged with irrigated Schlag, and lessons on optics. But then a rainbow appears only in a certain position of the light source and the observer. And how do you like the story of the firing of bricks? The center of the house, the first thing that ennobles man, and bricks, only learned to bake after the flood. The pyramids were built, while the bricks mind is not enough. (I'm not talking about Orthodox lands, but only of the land — in the Biblical scripture.). Before the flood, the fire did not burn, the existence of "Holy Fire" is known, do not argue about the cause, but as a fact. Anatoly Rykov, who described the inductive properties of the energy that fills our space is not difficult to calculate the dependence of the quality of combustion, in the center of the intersecting cross the inductive field, the experience does not have to be complicated. We speak the same: "The four parts of the world, the glow of the pole is a known fact." And I say this, this is what the builders of Babel Tower, knowing the harder material and learning how to use fastening solutions, have lost the idea of the need to build the Pyramids. Having learned the night and the day, the power of fire man decided to take his own life, rather than Being. Having set himself the center of consciousness, not knowledge alone in search of the truth began to idealize the Spirit, others, Nedra materialize. Understand that we will never understand the thoughts of parents, during intercourse, and the depth of their feelings, and to predict its path by birth? Who can?

By adopting the model of "occurrence," we are lost in space, "Where — where? '. Specifies whether this question, the little boy holding the hand of his father? Hastily fingering legs, it may fall and scratched my knee, but he will not let his father's hand, for him, the hand of the Father — support! You guys are all captains and coaches, this is our family, Orthodox: everywhere should be the first, so we grew up. In Orthodoxy, "God — Light Omnipresent God" These Spiritual (I'm accustomed to) field is always — the Cross, and at right angles, and do not mix. "Revelation" to describe the spirit of the time of creation of the world, can help a scientist who deals with magnetism. Electricity, as a directed motion of electrons on the surface — just a form. Lattice, crossing lines, a common phenomenon. Scientists need not deny, and taking advantage of accumulated knowledge to confirm that, as evidenced by religion. This is a mystery … and a flower and saying Tesla about endless power. But electricity, only the form is the main energy we do not use.

In nature, there is no concept: energy harmful, unnecessary energy. (Province of my knowledge in science, bezdugovaya switching DC circuits, with: R, L, C). I can say with confidence that we are doing to the use of electricity, has beaten me want to create a more perfect "screen to transfer the water." Our relation to electricity, something like: pump up the water in a rubber hose, and an increase in surface area, using the PTO. Freeze water evaporation though her face is not possible to include all human madness! Creating a "collider", the second "Tower of Babel". If someone has the opportunity to pass on these Bedouin children … that even Aristotle, ordained amorphous matter, he can be forgiven, he did not know the properties of the inductance. The essence of the form, a derivative of inductance — electricity, and not vice versa. At certain speeds, isolation, as matter, having a surface will always break down, regardless of manufacturer. But can manage to generate an impulse, which will be a link between the two inductive energy, Tesla did not come, but only deformed the field, created "Tunguska miracle." The power of God is great, life does not stop, but then again all over again. Look at the effect of beetle skorobeya, of the way he pushes his ball, and the part is rolling on it, but once on top, always choose a direction. Slip can be in any direction.

My dear, as once ended the era of the Pyramids, and so ends the era of the pyramid — Space. One would be silent "at rest", one way or another, all in three days being accomplished, and time is a relative concept. But man, created in the same way the Spirit is moving in the Spirit, lives in the spirit, and not pushed away from the earth. There are some attempts, knees back, funny is not it? But the spiritual state of a person, too, depends on the rate of change of the same power, the power of the Holy Spirit. Our "democracy", a product of the same, dramatically changing the spiritual field. The desire for power is, and thought, what is power — no one. Power — terrible. Saul, when he came to call on the throne — under the cart useful in fear. Saul realized that now not only relatives and neighbors will want from it, but other kings and son.

Take a pencil and write down the years of death and the health of Russian emperors for 1,000 years, or killed or gone mad. The most long-lived, 5-6 years ill and died at 54 in a frenzy. Who wants so much? Distance traveled knowledge of the material of Genesis, it was necessary to study, it is difficult for someone to blame. In the winter, we use bins of Mother Nature. From the planet, you can not always extract the energy of the Holy Spirit. But you need to use the bins wisely, not burning in the cosmos. You can build and the Pyramids, and the fly is not as pointless as it is now. Only a person-to-person, could squeezing a smile to say: "You're flying, Yura." And the very idea of flying, is full of human despair, not thought. We were the first! You know, the captain knows the sailing directions and the direction of the vessel, but high in the cell, the mast is uncomfortable communicating, long-sighted, morose man (loneliness and stress of the eye), whose mission — just to see the land. Take the globe, look what a beautiful land! Everyone on the globe can put the point where his house. But how easy is it to determine the position of a point in space? You see, the problem is, and there is no problem. Everything in its place.

Understanding of the creation in the Spirit, the intersection of the two energies explain the wind and the currents, and the flood, and the following "saving fire." It is not clear who the second, confidently said that the Earth around the Sun? How many remember, Copernicus said that it is still spinning! Observe the movement of the "top", he not only rotates, but also revolves in an elliptical path. On the rotation of the planet have always known, but considered fixed in space. I think historians have attributed to him in vain folly. Copernicus did not know the laws of magnetism, but was a believer. Renunciation of the theory Bruno was sincere, he saw through the telescope move planets and the Earth's motion relative to them. But it lost the idea of creation, began unrestrained development of mineral resources. Mad burning energy of the planet. Space must be stopped! All the same, no one has thought of using it, except espionage, containers with people or ammunition, and "Mars will be apple blossom." I sometimes think that the government does not understand what distinguishes money, or realizes that this is the only thing that people are still interested. First victory in the Cosmos will inspire race Orthodox: we were the first best smart. Improving space technology raised the national economy.

My dear honors! Your knowledge will be cleaner, without gravity and gravitation, it's easier to prove what the Bible says:

1) Our universe is closed. "Entity", which has two bodies.

2) We do not revolve around the sun, and Werth between the luminaries on an oval orbit. In the vicinity of the stars, "experienced" a flood or fire.

Spiritual confusion, madness generate material. Why Space Now wait, born at infinity, we belong to it forever, otherwise it is not infinite. Read the "New Testament" and all work will suffice. One of his winged civilizations we almost lost era of "Lion" and the only mention of the Greek sphinx, a winged people who possessed great knowledge, and honor the cult of woman. But this is about our people, the Orthodox, but especially in the Orthodox venerate the image of the Mother of God. Zille, like Hagar the race itself had to be lifted. Remember, someone kills the Samson of the Bible? Also lion and taking out of an unclean, knew grief. The transition from the Age to the Age does not depend on us, but we depend on the quality of the transition. Read: the people of Nineveh, for three days of fasting, protected from destruction. Quiet, spiritual state of the planet, help to pass without complications advance to the next round of development. We think of a reasonable, a higher civilization, but is what is created is reasonable, is not reasonable?

Whether we plan to offspring of non-formed, flying away into infinity woman. So far cleverer one on whose thoughts we create. Prudence will prevail: a thousand years Satan will be bound, but in a period of prosperity, people often turn away from God, we must remember the punishment. Guys, read the Bible and raise his eyebrows in surprise, and not as a warning — a finger. Create and fly like a bird in the Spirit easy, energy pyramid builders did not disappear, Lidskalninsh by building "Coral Castle", confirmed this.

Ahead for 1000 years a happy life, you need to adequately pass the rest Era. But first — the harvest, as cleansing, (Rev. 14: 14). Power of the Holy Spirit for the pure in heart. For the harvest of the field Promised ripen. My kind, Vera — a great benefit for a person to get what they want. Rest — in the way!

Vyacheslav Komogorov. Sevastopol

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