Bad weather has caused a lot of damage in the east of Germany


Hardest-hit eastern parts of Germany

12.09.11.Silny rain with hail and strong wind caused great destruction in the east of Germany.

Injured several people. Apparently, as a result of bad weather killed one woman. In the valley of the Rhine derailed train.

Severe thunderstorms, hail and strong wind passed through Germany on Sunday, September 11. On Monday, September 12, in the city of Bernburg in Saxony-Anhalt, found the body of 51-year old woman.

It was found in the garden of his home, the cause of death is established. According to the police, as a result of bad weather in different regions of Germany suffered a few others.

Hail the size up to several centimeters

Particularly strong material damage inflicted destructive element in Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. Large hail damaged the walls of houses and shot through cover located on the street cars. In the district of Magdeburg wind blows the roof of houses and uproot trees. In some communities have suffered more than two-thirds of the buildings, according to dpa, referring to the police. Several thousand homes for a few hours were left without electricity.

Flooded highways, a train derailment

In addition, in many areas were flooded road. Due to bad weather the police shut entire sections of motorways. On the motorway A14 to the north of Hull flood waters picked up five cars. Police managed to evacuate all the people inside them, according to DAPD.

In the valley of the Rhine near the village of St. Goar, in Rhineland-Palatinate, on September 11 in a landslide derailed locomotive and the first four cars speed passenger trains. The engineer was seriously injured, also injuring at least 10 passengers and 4 conductor. Just a train is about 800. The train was bound from Hamburg to Stuttgart.

Author: Olga Demidova

Editor: Vadim Shatalin

Source:  Deutsche Welle

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