Banishing … Barabashka




It was in the mid-1990s, when the old experts massively reduced, and for the new jobs is not enough, so people worked part time, who as you can …

During the three-liter jar "Rkatsitelli" gathered three people: one young and two very young, discussing the question is very vital and urgent — not whether to spend your free time on something useful, yielding a profit?

Since the crime categorically rejected all three, but to create a serious business was the initial capital, the conclusion was unanimous: to offer some services to the population, which still has not been proposed. But what?

Then I (yes, one of the young men was very I) arm came in handy regional newspaper, which on the first page of the executive committee of a town in the Donbass asked for help from the "experts in the field of paranormal phenomena." The case was this: in a normal house, where an ordinary family, turned up "barabashka", which is engaged in moving furniture and pyrokinesis, ie burning of property …

The next morning, the executive committee of a town in the Donets Basin includes three personalities, very vaguely reminiscent of one young and two very young people. Still — we donned suits, ties, strict sunglasses, took the hands of "diplomats" (one of which was empty, and the second was lying bottle of beer).

No unnecessary words and movements are going one after the other, on either side do not look frostbitten face, for all says "senior". That is, in our opinion, should look like the real "experts."

However, the executive committee, it seems, is not seen and because we have taken casually, but with respect, highlighting for delivery to the anomalous phenomena company car.

Here we come upon the first disappointment. Instead of a three-storey villa in front of us brought two-room small house, on the threshold of which, among piles of charred worldly possessions, sat more than poor people. It is clear that taking money from them could only absolutely shameless thieves, what we are not.

Never mind, better luck next time — we decided and confidently stepped forward, intending to at least learn more about the disaster and, if possible, to help the victims (we were sure that the cast "barabashek" — a trifling matter.)

The second disappointment was the absence of the Barabashka, which, according to the owners, did not show up in the house for a week. The third — that we were not the first to "experts" who came there for the exorcism.

Drawing attention to the mysterious night knock on the window, the family decided to seek help from the local "wise woman", after the visit that knocking ceased, but began self-ignition and self-movement of furniture.

Turned to the priest — Father long waving a censer, and sprinkled the walls, but in the end it caught fire … cassock. Angered by the priest yelled at the house owners, they ripped off 200,000 coupon-karbovanetses and went home. Then they went with their grief to the executive committee, where they were being taken for madmen, and is even believed and advertised in the newspaper.

And so it began! One after another came to the house of psychics, healers, sorcerers, the ambassadors of alien civilizations, reincarnation Roerich and Nostradamus … When the owners ran out of their meager savings, the stream has dried up considerably — many have turned back when they heard that fees for taming "Barabashka" will not.

What could we do? We were like in the yard with the framework, noted significant magnetic anomalies (the compass needle in two places strongly deviated from the pole), sympathized miserable …

I decided to stake out a new method of dealing with the poltergeist, marked the place of the strongest anomalies and logically figured that there is now able to stand and laugh at us sneaky "barabashka." So without hesitation took a stick and aspen struggling "communion" it invisible. Hit me or not — is unknown, but from the soul felt easier — and I, and the owners of the house …

And … we soon had to re-qualify as a security guard. But that's another story.

Ivan Purgin


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