Beauty — not just good looks




Now three new studies on human perception of physical beauty showed that the degree of beauty determine not only the external data. It turns out that people have different perceptions of familiar and unfamiliar. In many studies evaluating the human attractiveness, people show a set of photos of strangers, computer images or just the outline and asked to point to those who, judging by the differences in physical terms, more attractive. The results of these studies show that among the attractive features — a high degree of symmetry of the face and hip ratio to the volume of waist 0.7 for women and 0.9 for men.

Kevin Kniffin of the University of Wisconsin found that people are different assessments of the attractiveness of a person when we first met, and after a while — is aware of his other qualities, the unknown stranger. Selection by non-physical qualities in the perception of physical beauty has been in not the first millennium. According to evolutionary theory, animals, including humans, are attracted to those who have demonstrated the ability to increase its appeal. In the case of people appeal includes the ability to cooperate, mutual assistance, hard work, intelligence, courage, and other qualities — along with smooth skin and symmetrical features.

Kniffin spent three studies — were attended by people who knew each other, and never friends. In all studies, participants were asked to rate the physical beauty and qualities such as pleasantness, respect and talent. Strangers rated only attraction.

In the first study, people were evaluated individuals in the class photographs — including album of the subject himself. The second evaluated the college sports team members (including people who have never had studied there). Finally, the summer archaeological expedition evaluated each other at the beginning and six weeks after the operation. In each case, the non-physical traits known only to friends, had a great impact on the evaluation of their physical attractiveness, compared with foreign participants in the experiment.


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