Because of the drought killed the Amazon forest. Photo


5.04.11.Amazonskie forests, which in recent decades have suffered greatly at the hands of the people cut down forests to suit your needs received another blow. At this time by nature.
The specialists from NASA last year's drought, a huge number of Amazon forest is not restored even after several months. Since the area 2,435,000 km? (Equal to the size of a four-country Ukraine) vegetation has declined sharply and there is no hope of recovery.


This is a huge problem, as meteorologists say that the drought in 2010 becomes the norm because of global warming.

The Amazon rainforest can not live in dry weather conditions, they need strong precipitation. Otherwise, the trees will be destroyed by nature, and the process of rotting wood will lead to a huge carbon emissions, which would serve a strong additional incentive to increased global warming.

Area destroyed by drought in 2010, four times higher than the previous maximum rate of Amazon forest lost in the drought of 2004.

It is worth noting that the Amazon is rapidly shrinking and in 2010 recorded the lowest level of the water in the port Manuas over the past 109 years.


Do people come to their senses sooner than destroy life on Earth remains a mystery. Most likely we are very soon see the answer to this question.

Animals already seeing the results of global warming itself. So in 2010, during a drought in the Amazonian forests were killed huge numbers of animals and fish.

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