Because of the relief on the Iset River dying bird. Video



27.02.12. The sole survivor of the pigeon had to wash off oil. And, though his life is out of danger, but he can fly no earlier than six months. Contaminated with about five hundred square meters of the river.

Most likely, the waste got into the river through storm drains. And now life threatening not only birds, but fish. Experts took water samples for analysis. Now think about how to prevent further contamination of the channel. Seek out those who muddies the water in the Iset be environmental prosecutor's office. Suspect already got the next auto repair business.

Source: 41 channel Yekaterinburg

27.02.12.Na forum "Help, what can" portal E1.RU February 26 it was reported that on the Iset River in Yekaterinburg killed birds.

Ccop user writes: "This road bridge with pedestrian footpath across the river Iset, which is on the stretch of road st. Weavers (near Gorky Park), after which the intersection with the street car (left turn) and Furmanov.

So, if you walk on the street. Weavers from Gorky Park in the direction of the bridge Furmanov a terrible picture! In addition to the banal rubbish (which in itself bad) today I saw a terrible picture — a huge oil slick as oil, or something like that, which wallow bird …. they just there to die in the water.

As I walked closer to the water, went down to the bottom, I was shocked! Tried to pull the dying bird out of the water, but was unable to do so. The water surface was covered with a thick layer of a fierce chemistry, trying to pull the bird with a stick saw that it was something from the smell and consistency of the glue TIME!! Terribly sticky. Downstairs was not expecting, but it was even sadder than it appears on the bank were two more dying birds, all in black oil ….. And there is in fact, except for pigeons (which can anyone not think of animals), ten meters a lot of ducks and drakes. "

Portal users, indifferent to the tragedy that evening went to the scene. As a result, the situation confirmed. One victim was able to catch a bird, is it provided help, but on the river there are still many birds left for the winter in Yekaterinburg.

Editorial port E1.RU applied to environmental prosecutor. Deputy prosecutor Igor Milkov inform us, that in fact the pollution of the river Iset today will begin testing.

Source: E1.RU

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