Because of the typhoon in Japan Roque evacuated 400,000 people


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TOKYO, Sept. 20. / Correspondent. Itar-Tass Belyaev /. Authorities Japanese prefecture of Aichi / southwest of the central island of Honshu / today ordered the emergency services to urgently evacuate more than 400 thousand people living near rivers Tenpaku and hay.

Approaching powerful typhoon Roque can cause in the region flooding and landslides. This was reported by local authorities.

Gust speed zone typhoon reaches 50 m / s. It is expected that the brunt of the disaster will fall on September 21.

Serious situation developing in the prefectures of Miyazaki / south-west of the island of Kyushu and / Wakayama / Honshu /. In Wakayama threatened breakthrough series of dams and in Gifu Prefecture landslide blocked traffic on the highway.

In early September, the central regions of the country has already done significant damage to Typhoon Talas. As a result of landslides and floods killed 63 people and about 40 remain missing.


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