Beijing drought


17.01.11.V Beijing more than 70 days consecutive rainfall, much of the capital city of China is in the grip of drought, and the south-eastern regions — a severe drought. These are the latest figures published by the climatological center of the Beijing Administration for Meteorology, reports Xinhua.

Since the beginning of the winter season for many Southern Chinese province have repeatedly hit by heavy snow and rain at the same time in Beijing so far has never snowed. "When the first snow will be discussed later on 29 January, but this year will be recorded the first snowfall since late 1951, when Beijing started registration of weather phenomena," — said the head of the department of analysis and forecasts called management Chen Dagang, adding that a similar record previously recorded January 29, 1984

According to the latest weather forecast for the next 4-7 days in Beijing will remain dry and cold weather, the drought will continue.

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