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11.09.11.Video may seem a propaganda move, but all it shows is confirmed by numerous witnesses. In Belarus, the police do not take bribes, on tracks traffic cops are not rowing fees, all neat and tidy, working ice palaces and other places of recreation and physical development of young people, and all because of extortion and bribery "Father" just puts the thieves, that's all secret order.

According to many, they are very, very sorry for Belarus, which today make many media slander. But this is the last piece of the light of life, where there is no corruption in the Western manner, and products grown in Belarus can be eaten safely. That's why some, living in the Kuban, it often buy Belarusian products

Uploaded misteryoification, date: 11.09.2011

Honestly clipped sites FinalNEWS  or Earth — The Chronicles of Life

And we are on TV about dad groin tale mold.

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