Betrayed their homeland to Hooters?

In Washington, our opposition leaders took part in the conference "New approach or business as usual? U.S. — EU — Russia after Putin's repression "
Valery Panov

After a recent trip to the U.S. State Duma deputy from the "Just Russia" Dmitry Gudkov LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky demanded to bring criminal charges against colleagues: for "treason." Zhirinovsky got angry to the point that even compared with Gudkov General Vlasov, recalling that the deputy — "part of the government and went to the United States, who are preparing a war against our country, and he went and bowed to them and negotiate." In his opinion, if the American congressman came to Russia and negotiated as Hooters in the U.S., his return would be arrested immediately.
Who knows how they're coming with their "foreign agents", but, alas, it is not the first scandal that erupted around Dmitry Gudkov. However, all previous conflicts such heat is not yet reached. And the point is not that a deputy went to America — it is not the first, he did not last: the question today is why he went there. Sam MP claimed that he was going to visit Russian children adopted by American families, as well as, allegedly, in order to gather dirt on Russian officials, owning real estate in America. But even if this is so, then, apparently, he said, is not the whole truth. Indeed, four of the day the deputy supreme legislative body of the Russian Federation Dmitry Gudkov traveled around the American states, and on the fifth day showed up in Washington, DC, and in the Senate of the United States.


As it turned out later, on Capitol Hill, he arrived with a very specific purpose — to take part in a conference with the telling title "A New Approach or business as usual? U.S. — EU — Russia after Putin's repression. "
Yes arrived yet and the company with such odious figures in Russia, as the head of the Moscow Helsinki Group, Lyudmila Alexeeva, which has U.S. citizenship, and co-RPR-Parnas Mikhail Kasyanov.

The event was arranged in one of the Senate premises have long known of their great dislike of Russian organizations: «Freedom House», Research Center «Foreign Policy Initiative», and note especially Charity Fund "Institute of Modern Russia» (IMR), the president and chief sponsor of the Paul is Khodorkovsky, who is serving a sentence in the son of the former head of the Russian company Yukos. Sent out invitations to the Fund, including, stated: "robust support for democratic allies, human rights, the U.S. armed forces are ready to threats of the XXI century".

The Fund, by the way, was registered in February 2010 in the state of New Jersey. IMR mission is to "promote democratic values and institutions, and to involve civil society in the development of the rule of law and freedoms in Russia through grant programs, partnerships with other NGOs and through its own program." Set of the latest standard for this type of structures occupied by exporting "American democracy" in third countries, and includes a "research", "the organization of conferences and seminars" and "publication of various data and stimulating discussions on anti-corruption work of independent media education, integration and cooperation between Russian and foreign citizens. "

In the "guardians" of "Institute of Modern Russia" was listed for the Russian cult of "democratic" public character in the person of the head of the Moscow Helsinki Group Lyudmila Alexeeva. Apparently, it was she, as a member of the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation, advocated chief curator of the report Council, rehabilitating Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev. However, many detractors believe that her intercession against disgraced oligarchs dictated primarily for political reasons.

The main speaker of the conference was Senator Ben Cardin, author and co-author of the act "Magnitsky list". Discriminatory act prohibiting entry to the United States from the Russians "Magnitsky list", the senator promised not limited to: "I want to see free and fair elections, where the Russians will choose their leader."

Of course, these and those, which indicates America.

"The opposition can not stand up. Kremlin, Putin blurred all the way to the pool. Civil society activists told us: "This is — your political game, we do not want to participate. We demand fair elections. On free already forgotten. " And Mr. Putin replied: "Here's a fair election. We install video cameras in all areas ", — said Mikhail Kasyanov.

The role of the moderator of the "Russian" section performed the head of «Freedom House» David Kramer, the former deputy of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, a former State Department employee, a great expert on Russia, and emphasize people, it is not alien to our opposition. Him close and clear all the problems faced by the Russian State Duma opposition after the so-called Foreign Agents Registration Act (NDA) has officially stopped the flow of one dollar, which was the catalyst for the entire opposition activities. "Human rights organizations in Russia, unfortunately, exist mainly on funds from abroad", — said chairman of the Moscow Helsinki Group Lyudmila Alexeeva. Call their organization a foreign agent Alexeyev refuses. "Our authorities are reluctant to do that we have received support from abroad," — she said.

Interesting remark was made Paul Craig Roberts, a counselor in the Reagan Administration (now writes a lot about Russian) soldiers and staunch Cold War: "For reasons which I can not understand, the Russian government allowed the United States over the past two decades to finance the Russian opposition. But if the U.S. give you money, they expect that you will protect their interests, why else would they give? "

This conclusion does Roberts says further: "Imagine that the Russian government is financing U.S. opposition. What will happen? The opposition would be arrested, it would be called a traitor. " This here it is, the level of American democracy, and we have to grow up to it but to grow.
If Russia followed a similar "liberal" logic, then, perhaps, to such conferences opposition has long had no one to drive. But in this format Russia in Washington to discuss annually. "I am regularly in Europe and America participate in all such meetings. It's part of my political activities, "- said Mikhail Kasyanov. We add that the conference was organized in the framework of the "Helsinki 2.0", initiated by Mikhail Kasyanov (RPR-Parnas), Guy Verhofstadt (Chapter Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe in the European Parliament), Lyudmila Alexeeva (head of the Moscow Helsinki Group) and David Kremerom (Chapter Freedom House). The first conference of "Helsinki 2.0" was held in Helsinki in November 2011. In the center of attention — the question of the implementation of commitments by the Russian authorities to respect human rights and civil liberties.

The Helsinki Conference 1975 ("Helsinki 1.0", according to the new terminology?) Really eased tensions in Europe. But just then created a trap that hit the Soviet Union, when the Final Act of the Conference include provisions on human rights. The 39th U.S. President Jimmy Carter said later that the campaign to "protect human rights" was used for a frank interference in the internal affairs of the USSR and other countries. Pathological Russophobe Carter adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski admitted in his memoirs that "seen in the issue of human rights the opportunity to force the Sov
iet Union to occupy the ideological defense." Successor to the USSR — Russia still can not get out of the state of the defense. Not without the active help, we emphasize the Russian opposition.

Because of the inclusion of Russian human rights organizations in the network, woven mainly American organizations, many Russian human rights activists consider themselves members of the World (actually Western) human rights movement. They are that "human rights" policy which separates the management of funds that financed until recently, the so-called Russian human rights defenders. Moscow Helsinki Group in its documents openly wrote: "The activities of the Moscow Helsinki Group in its present scale would not be possible without the strong support that we provide a number of donors. To date, MHG projects funded by the following sponsors: European Commission, MacArther's Foundation, MATRA, Open society, USAID ».

The dependence of the human rights movement in general, and Russian in particular, from the funding of Western funds and institutions leads to the subordination of the principle of human rights is quite specific political goals of the Western powers, particularly the United States.

Here, he writes about, for example, a human rights activist Alexander Smirnov (Kosterin): "… The West is investing in our democracy for themselves. For them it is long-term, but a profitable investment — to clean off the map "evil empire" civilize her Western-style, in a measure to weaken for a quiet life, business and politics. "

In the past year, "Magnitsky Act" was passed by the U.S. Senate in active lobbying on the part of the Russian opposition, led by Mikhail Kasyanov, who has repeatedly met with U.S. senators, urging them to vote for an anti-Russian law. The Secretary of the General Council of "United Russia", vice-speaker of the State Duma Sergei Neverov said that support for the adoption of the law of the United States House of Representatives on Magnitsky list by one of the leaders of the RPR-Parnas Mikhail Kasyanov, suggests that he puts in the first place not the interests of Russia, and benefit some American politicians. According Neverova, "welcome this decision means to betray the interests of Russia." For its part, Kasyanov said that he considered himself a "fighter for the interests of the Russian people and the state."

"The pro-American stance Kasyanov obvious to everyone," — says the Deputy Secretary of the General Council of "United Russia", the head of the Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs, Andrei Isayev. In support of this thesis, the MP cited a number of facts from the opposition political activity.

"Back in 2004, Kasyanov has toured with lectures on the United States, which was seen by many as his bride before the upcoming presidential elections in 2008. After that Kasyanov has repeatedly made statements against the course, which holds the leadership of our country, and, as a rule, this happened after his visits to the United States of America. In February 2005, at the request of the Department of Russian and Eastern European countries in support of the U.S. State Department Kasyanov, Russian media has been allocated $ 6 million, "- said Isayev. In addition, he said, in 2006, activists Kasyanovite movement were trained at the National Democratic Institute. "This is the structure that exists in the Democratic Party of the United States, which at the time was headed by Mrs. Madeleine Albright — former U.S. Secretary of State," — said the deputy.

"Thus, the supervision of the United States Kasyanov obvious," — he stressed. According to Isayev, Kasyanov — "absolutely dependent policies."

In connection with this statement in support of the opposition and the U.S. decision "clearly anti-Russian Magnitsky Act is nothing but exposing himself to Kasyanov, do not represent." "This is a politician who today, in the strict sense of the word, with the status of a foreign agent," — said the head of the Duma Committee.

In addition, said the deputy to Kasyanov, who previously was the second person in the state and served as chairman of the government for four years, this behavior is "highly improper."

"I understand that he is having political, material or any other difficulties after resigning as prime minister, but it is too soon found himself standing sponsor" — Isayev said.

According to one of the online publications, specializing in the publication of compromising materials, the activity of Mikhail Kasyanov, associated with the adoption of the U.S. 'Magnitsky Act "forced" journalist Oleg Lurie, in his time investigating the mass close to the Kremlin scams, to remind readers of his blog about some of the questionable episodes in the career of Kasyanov, and give his version of Kasyanov activity associated with the "Magnitsky List". And further: "… No less interesting information found Italian journalists Avanzo and Giuseppe De Pietro Del Re in July 2000, conducted an international investigation into the activities of Mikhail Kasyanov and studying the fate of the missing billions …

IMF loan money never arrived in Moscow, and all transfers were carried out on the orders of the head of delegation at the talks with the IMF, Mikhail Kasyanov. This is a new name in the investigation. Thus, Kasyanov was a central figure in the investigation. And it's worth to talk about. Detractors argue that Moscow business circles his name "Misha 2%", because it was just such a commission in any transaction, whose future depended on his signature or approval.

Americans … in due time to put a brake on the investigation into the theft of $ 4.8 billion most surely have documents and data of this investigation (Pobol than the Swiss), proving the involvement in the scam Kasyanov century.

That's the way, Mikhail was on a short leash and collar in a very strict. In my opinion, all current actions and statements Mikhail Kasyanov to the real opposition and the protection of the rights of Magnitsky and other victims of the justice system have nothing to do. There, in the U.S., now the fate of all amounts held in due course through the "opposition" Kasyanov. And it is more than two percent. "

Because of the law on foreign agents, Russian human rights organizations have already lost their foreign aid, and the "donors" at home until they found. "Such a critical situation with the money we have never had in all the years of existence," — said the "News" Valentina Melnikova, head of the Russian Center for Human Rights, which brings together 11 NGOs. "Most of the funds after the adoption of this law were in limbo and without means of subsistence, — said the head of the Moscow Helsinki Group (MHG) Ludmila Alexeeva. — We do have money, but we have recently had to seek the help of our citizens who have collected 2.5 million rubles. "

Understand the financial and political concern about "grandmother" human rights movement in Russia. It is understandable why a similar background of opposition activity and Mr. Kasyanov. And what dividends expects young politician Dmitry Gudkov, member of the opposition, so to speak, the third generation?
By the way, after a conference in the U.S. Senate channel "Russia1" showed as Mikhail Kasyanov, smiling broadly, told reporters: "Goodbye. Next private life began. " And the details of the private life of Mikhail Kasyanov Twitter unveiled his American colleague in the party and the Coordinating Council of the Russian opposition. On Capitol Hill, Kasyanov forward to meeting with congressmen and senators, including a conversation with the most famous American Russophobe John McCain,
chairman of the International Republican Institute — this allegedly non-governmental organization known to be involved in "promoting democracy around the world", that is, preparation and production of the "color revolutions".

By the way, the active participation of the deputy of the State Duma of the organizers of the conference in the U.S. Senate — a hitherto unprecedented success. The current MPs have got their mandates on party lists, and therefore can not fail to understand that speaking anywhere, especially abroad, to some extent, they give voice and stance of the political forces represented.

However, in the U.S. and in other countries for policy makers, which include the State Duma of the Russian Federation, there is an unwritten rule — to criticize their country and the power of their native land, but did not say a single negative review about them abroad.
And those who do not follow this rule, very quickly go out of politics. In the other countries. In such cases we do not know. And what is this, what you can not or could not speak in Russian, told Dmitry Gudkov, who came to hear him congressmen and senators? Duma member complained that the Russian Constitution gives "unlimited" power to the president. Taking advantage of this, Vladimir Putin, according to Gudkov, built the "vertical of power".

"The regime began a crackdown on the middle class in an attempt to stop the protests and get people to stop taking to the streets," — he said and cited the example of the "swamp thing", which involves more than two dozen people. The MP also called Duma gone mad printer that keeps churning out "anti-constitutional laws to toughen punishment for protest activity." Obviously, we are talking about the amendments to the law on rallies and the Code of Administrative Offences, which greatly increased the penalties for conducting uncoordinated actions. (In part, we note the amendments were deemed illegal by the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.)

But Gudkov brought to America as "good news": that the government can not stop the protesters, millions of Russians in favor of improving relations with the U.S. (it is, but such a minority, and where is the opposition?). "It's time to hit the officials to block access to foreign countries. This will cause a rift in the Putin team — called Hooters. — We are able to show that the U.S. is helping to expel Russian Russian people corrupt power. I think this is a more effective way to stop the repression and protect human rights. "

— Yes, — said in a patronizing response to these words of Senator Benjamin Cardin (author of the "Magnitsky Act"). — Our goal — to force Russia to do what is right.

"People who call themselves the opposition in Russia (and not even want to spend on them is a proud word), went to the United States. It was not touring and did not visit, and it was furnished like a trip to the conference. In the U.S., there are few people noticed, but we — they are family — you show them. Our after all "- so announced the final program for the" Roscii1 "on Sunday its leader Dmitry Kiselev. And if the visit of the U.S. Senate and Kasyanov and Alexeeva in Russia, too, almost nobody paid attention, then it is Gudkov sparked a torrent of criticism on the part of the "United Russia", the Liberal Democratic Party, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Russian television and even party members Gudkov.

And the vice-premier of the State Duma Sergei Zheleznyak ("United Russia") on his Facebook page wrote: "The politician, who decided to act in the interests of another country and looking for her support, the traitor of his country and his people."

How right he was, as far as the rights of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, judge for yourself.

In released on Tuesday the annual report of the director of National Intelligence James Clapper to Congress on the evaluation of international security threats said that Russia's foreign policy in the coming year, is likely to retain the same course, but be subject to the influence of internal political factors.

U.S. intelligence predicts that the political system in Russia next year will experience serious difficulties due to the increasing discontent of the population. U.S. authorities have, by the way, traditionally critical of the state of democracy and human rights in Russia, and recent street protests in major Russian cities, they find evidence of popular discontent domestic political course of the country. And, of course, hope that the current presidential term, Putin will be harder than the previous two, with all the beneficial consequences for the United States. The opposition in this case will be very helpful.

Yes, Dmitry Gudkov and his father Gennady Gudkov was expelled from the "Just Russia". Such a decision late in the evening on March 13, attended by Members of the Bureau of the Presidium of the Central Council of the party. As party chairman said Nikolai Levichev, Gudkov denied party cards "for the actions that are detrimental to the party."

It is no accident in the U.S. press are beginning to appear such publications as, for example, in «American Thinker» (12.03.2013). The article, typical of the Cold War, during the reign of Ronald Reagan called "Putin's Russia is an evil empire," said: "Last week marked the 30th anniversary of the day when Reagan gave a speech about the" evil empire, "March 8, 1983 in Orlando, Fla. before the National Association of Evangelicals. Modern Russia, which has long been proud of their profession manages a former KGB agent (it is worth noting that in the Soviet Union that never was), still remains the same evil … If it's not a description of the evil empire, what is then the evil empire? Putin's regime is now actively expanding military power, in particular by developing new nuclear weapons. It is an open war against American values, arrests of political opponents and journalists, suppresses freedom of the Internet and scored a state-controlled television vomit neo-Soviet propaganda. "

In general, what is allowed to Jupiter (USA), is not permitted to a bull. Is the opposition L. Alexeyev, Mikhail Kasyanov, D. Gudkov and others like them do not know what they do? On the contrary, they are perfectly understand everything. The people, stress — too: for all the activities of the opposition clearly visible all the same proverbial "thirty pieces of silver."

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