Big Brother George Orwell look after the capital

Authors: Bogdan Stepovoy, Nikolai Morozov

Moscow authorities are concerned about the recent terrorist attacks, with unprecedented enthusiasm set about creating a common security system of the capital. As a result, the city began to resemble a set of the spy movie …

At each corner of the boxes are installed emergency surveillance cameras look out for suspicious persons, and children are given special security key rings, allowing one-touch call on the scene almost all the intelligence agencies of the capital. Back in August of this year in the capital's streets appeared surveillance system with computer vision Orwell 2k. New security video system, which has no analogues in the world, has already proved its effectiveness. In Northern Tushino with it managed to solve the murder of a security guard and visitor hall of slot machines.

"Recently, with the help of our" computer eyes "was able to solve the murder"

Video surveillance system with a new generation of computer vision Orwell 2k, developed by SPC "Elvis" — Russian know-how. Video systems that control the places of mass gatherings, and even record the events of warning the police or other emergency conditions, without any operator intervention anywhere in the world . In Moscow, while three "electronic eyes" on the building "Ramstore" m in "Airport" in Northern Tushino Panfilov Heroes on the street and in the NPC "Elvis". Outside security video system with computer vision Orwell 2k are no different from conventional external surveillance cameras.
— The secret of development — in its "electronic brains" — said the deputy director of the NPC "Elvis" Alexander Rakutin. — The classic architecture of CCTV Orwell 2k includes four fixed cameras and a swivel, which is equipped with a powerful zoom lens, allowing the camera to focus all the attention, even on small objects. A software that is our know-how allows you to use the camera to make miracles. Using it in real time to recognize all of the objects (people, cars), and the computer creates a multi-level library, which does not only record video, but also a special card is put on every movable object.
For example, at the end of the day you can get photos of all the cars, "Gazelle" which drove past the building. To do this, it will be necessary to name the brand of car, and the computer immediately will give a clear picture "Gazelles", which will be visible even license plate. Or fix all people with packages. It's not all the wonders that are able to "computer eyes." With it you can keep track of any unusual situations. For example, to set a detection algorithm forgotten things. In case you notice the camera unattended package or bag, the system will immediately alarm the guard will give an audible and visual signals.
— In August of this year with the help of our system able to solve the murder of two people on the street Panfilov Heroes — said Alexander Rakutin. — Our system of Orwell 2k spotted like a criminal ran into a game room, came out and got rid of the evidence: threw the package on the first seat was waiting car, then fled to ride to. In memory of the system remain large photos of the offender and the number of cars. CAO has thousands of surveillance cameras, but none of them helped solve at least one of the 42 crimes that were committed in the past year. In the picture are preserved only silhouettes of people that enters or leaves the driveway. Domestic surveillance system with computer vision Orwell 2k already established in some countries of the Middle East, and is now interested in the development of America. Americans are concerned about their safety, the software price of $ 2000 is not deterred. In Moscow, a new system in the near future will have to decorate the facade of one of the schools.


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