Black holes devour people




150 people disappeared within one minute. Eyewitnesses saw quite clearly how people have come to the valley shimmering mist enveloped. Then the mass of muddy rose up and disappeared into the sky, and with it disappeared the first battalion of the 5th Norfolk Regiment British Army — all soldiers to a man …

Missing in the fog

Event August 21, 1915, when in broad daylight in front of dozens of people lost a whole battalion was officially classified for fifty years. Only in 1967 were published papers presented testimony of twenty witnesses of the incident that occurred in southern Europe around the Dardanelles. The missing soldiers were looking for a long time. But none of them have not found among the dead or among the Turks released after the end of the war prisoners.

Mass extinctions of people considered to be one of the major unexplained cases in the history of the world. Scientists still can not give a reasonable explanation for such strange phenomena as, for example, the loss in 1590, hundreds of settlers — men, women and children of American settlement Ruanuk. Entered into the village the soldiers saw that the houses are burning candles on the tables is food … was not only the residents. First decided that they were killed Indians, but did not find a single drop of blood, not a corpse. Only on the tree next to the house of a priest in a hurry explicit curve inscription was carved: "It does not look like …"

It has long been discontinued quest six hundred inhabitants of the village of Brazilian Heuer Verde, disappeared Feb. 5, 1923. The police carefully examined the deserted town. On the floor lay a gun at school, from which the shot day ago. Again, the inscription, now in the school board, "No salvation."

— We can nominate only version, but still can not find any scientific explanation of these cases — said Zong Li, Doctor of Historical Sciences of Harbin, many years investigating cases of mass disappearances in China. — For example, as explained by the disappearance of 3,000 Chinese soldiers near Nanking, where they took up positions a December night in 1937? Morning radio contact with this detachment was lost, and immediately sent intelligence has found no trace of the people. One might think that they have deserted, but that the terms were armed security positions — do not go unnoticed by the soldiers could. Recently, the city archives, I found evidence of extinction in November 1945, the 12th company of the NKVD of the USSR as part of a hundred people. They went out of the city towards the train station and did not return. The search yielded no results — just stumbled on an extinct fire and tents, spread out to camp, and more — nothing. In the same year of Guandu in Shanghai came out train with hundreds of passengers. He's not coming. Just gone half-way, from him there was not a single screw. Where could escape all the passengers?

Sinister god

Researcher Richard Lazarus in his book "Beyond the limits of the possible" offers the following version: all the fault of meteorites. As he fell to the ground, the heavenly bodies are charged to such force that their potential can reach billions (!) Volts. And if a meteorite falls on the Earth's surface, there is a tremendous explosion — both near the Tunguska River. But sometimes the meteorite destroyed before the fall — and as a result the Earth with the force has a huge wave of energy: there is a state of electrostatic levitation — large groups of people, as well as ships and even trains can fly up into the air and be transported over long distances.

But in the ancient Greek city-states in Italy as explained by the loss of people — underground dormant god Proteus, consisting of protoplasm: time in 50 years, he wakes up to eat. Proteus could turn into anything. It was believed that Proteus comes to earth from volcanoes, and in some years it human sacrifices — the volcano left one hundred slaves, virgins: they routinely disappear without a trace, leaving only place on the shackles. Theory of the incorporeal God supports and well-known writer of horror genre USA Dean Koontz, who in the novel "Phantoms" pushes the theory that Proteus … exist in reality.

— This is a huge mass of protoplasm may be an area of several square kilometers — says Kunz. — She was a few million years, it is probably one of the earliest forms of life, living in the bowels of the earth, or deep in the ocean. Eating once or twice in a century, it dissolves a people, sucking and digesting them with little or no residue. In the homes of the colonists Ruanuka found deep pools of water, suddenly appears and water lake seen from the air Chinese pilot, wanted by train disappeared, even in the Eskimo village Anyakuni in Canada, the inhabitants of which completely disappeared in 1930, and then was frozen water! The human body is 90 percent water — perhaps this is all that remains of the victims of the dissolved Proteus.

Extinct ships

World famous were the disappearances teams from ships in the open ocean — a textbook example is found in 1872 in the Caribbean brigantine "Mary Celeste" — unfinished tube, ready meal, dried beer in mugs … and not a single sailor.

The same thing happened in the Philippines, where in 1955 found a completely empty drifting ship "Hoyt," and in the North Atlantic where the ship "Iceland" in 1941 stumbled patrol boats — his motor running, everything was fine … but again there were no people.

— I support the alternative explanation — the disappearance of people blame the so-called "black hole" — believes the University of California at San Francisco, Jane Lindsett. — Periodically time and space on Earth refract, and the whole city can be in another dimension, although sometimes it is their "spits" back. These "black holes" in the world top ten, they often fail and individuals. Ten years ago Androvere (Texas) during a visit to the doctor missing 36-year-old Lydia Kimfild. An hour later, her body was found in a thousand kilometers away from the city … and an autopsy revealed that she died 2 months ago! In New Mexico, there is a road on which 19 people were lost without a trace, the last of them — in 1997: it is located in the desert, which is perfectly visible from the air. It is possible that the missing men then found themselves in the open ocean or in the forest, where died. Items also can not pass through the space, which is why there are empty ships, and personal items missing.

At the same time, Professor Lindsett can not explain the origin of the mysterious inscriptions on the wall of Mayan temple and a tree in Ruanuke.

The last in a chain of these strange events began Stomu disappearance of the village in the Congo in 2001 — in a calm region in the north, away from the insurgency. UN workers who were brought to the village of humanitarian aid (in the country with bad food), did not find anyone there, even pets and chickens. And only a phrase in a hut leader pointed to the fact that something bad happened again. Charcoal in a terrible rush to the local language was scrawled: "Run!'s …" What is it, the leader did not have time to finish …

By the way

In the Soviet Union, too, were mysterious cases of missing persons, but the publicity they got. For example, in 1991 the KGB declassified data: thirty years ago near Sverdlovsk disappeared from the radar screen plane An-2, on board of which there were seven people. Shattered the plane was soon found a rescue crew in the forest. People have disappeared — was found not that any body, but even a single drop of blood, inevitable in this kind of disaster. But not far from the aircraft found "burnt circle of unknown origin thirty feet in diameter." Rescuers were given a subscription to disclose what they saw.


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