Black Light

Light inherent physical properties of the two obvious — the color and transparency. Indeed, the light can be white, yellow, red, green, purple, or have other colors. Transparency is confirmed by the fact that through the light we see material objects. Transparency has a light of any color. And the light — it's not gas, not solid and liquid matter. I have deliberately not talking about the wave and particle nature of light, as we are faced with another problem.

Everyone knows that in the dark space. However, we can see the light of the stars. It speaks about the transparency of the cosmos. Aristotle believed that the fire can be seen in the dark, because the light is transmitted through the darkness, telling its transparency. Aristotle considered totally transparent air. But if space is transparent and has a color, in this case black, therefore, it is light! Black Light! At the same time, and white light is also transparent. If it was not transparent, the space around the sun would be white and not black. The light would go beams of white light clearly visible to an observer on Earth. However, nothing of the sort happens. White light passes through the black and the black through white, and both at the same time retain their characteristics and do not alter the characteristics of the other.

The source of white light for us is the sun, but that is the source of black light? I have at the moment there is only a guess: a source of black light are black star (or, as they are called "black holes"). And why not? If there are stars in blue, red and brown, then why do not exist, and stars in black?

Ancient sources black light, which can not be seen, was a symbol of the hidden deity. Gnostic sect — the Mandaeans, the descendants of the ancient Babylonians, who worships John the Baptist and the light of the stars, counting the original light of their god … And pokalipticheskie and eschatological ideas associated with the metaphor of the end of the world, which is thought of as a real … Lights, according to Berkeley — the language of God, vaguely understood our feeling. According to ancient Chinese concepts, global process of being implemented, identify the relations of forces of light and darkness … In the Buddhist East "to understand the Great Light" — one of the major symbolic procedures. Exercise it is necessary so that there is not an object or a subject, no physical, emotional, and the use of only all encompassing environment of the light itself. In the ancient book "Heart Print" states: "In the silence at dawn, early morning you fly away on the line up." Taoist alchemical work is based on the gyre light on the ability to reverse it. (Page 443-445, the encyclopedia "Symbols, Emblems," / Avt.-status. At Andreeva and others — Moscow LLC "Publishing" Astrel ", LLC" Publishing "AST", 2004).

The associative relationship of these ideas is saved in the translation of the Sufi phrase: "The path is hidden in darkness" ("Dar Tariki tarikat"). It is believed that the use of black-and-white checkerboard pattern was prompted by Sufis in the hoary past and symbolize this duality. In many ways, the rituals of Sufi gatherings have perpetuated this alternation of light and dark, black and white. One such ritual is the meeting place that half coated black and white matter. The other is alternately turned on and the extinction of the lamp.

To illustrate once again the idea that not all is as what it seems, it is appropriate to mention the famous experiment by French engineer Augustin Fresnel, delivered to them in 1816 at the Paris Academy, in which the light is connected to a light, the darkness spawned. He also concluded that the transverse nature of light fluctuations.

"The bodies, which absorbance maximum, ie such that absorb all the rays falling on them, is referred to as black. These bodies are, for example, a thick layer of soot or platinum black, but should not, in general, to think of an absolute black body certainly dark — in certain circumstances, it may be as light as incandescent incandescent metal (for example, electrically heated by the platinum cylinder, enclosed in a cylinder of refractory material — black body Lummer and Pringsheim). "(Z. Zeitlin.)

All the angels of the two faces. In mythology, they typically have a black and white face.

A. Butlerov, a chemistry professor and eminent scholar, points to the observations made by John Lubbock in the sense of color against the ants. This outstanding scientist discovered that ants do not allow their eggs to stay in the light and immediately carry them away from a lighted area to a dark place.

But when the red beam was directed to the eggs (larvae), ants do not touch them as if they were in complete darkness they keep their eggs matter falls on a red light or complete darkness exists. Red light for them as it does not exist: because they do not see it for them is like darkness.

The impressions made upon them bright rays, are very weak, especially if they are close to the red, that is, in the orange and yellow part of the spectrum. On the contrary, the ants seem to be exceptionally sensitive to such radiation, like blue, indigo and violet. When their nest is partially covered and partially purple red light, they are immediately transferred to their eggs from the violet to the red. Thus, for an ant is the brightest of all the rays of the solar spectrum are purple, so their sense of color is quite the opposite of a similar sense of the person.

This contrast is further enhanced by another fact. In addition to the visible portion of the solar spectrum, it contains the so-called heat rays (infrared) and chemical (UV). We see neither the one nor the other, and call them the invisible rays, ants perceive them as well, because as soon as their eggs are exposed to these invisible rays, ants drag them out of this completely dark (for us) at the field, which is lit in red light, thus, they are chemical violet rays. "With this particular items that they see ants, look for them in a completely different way than for us, it is obvious that these insects are found in nature hues and shades, which we do not have and can not have a clue. Let us assume for a moment that the nature of such objects, which would absorb all the rays of the solar spectrum, and reflect only the chemical rays: These items would remain completely invisible to us, while the ants would perceive them very well, "- says this professor." (Page 455, HP Blavatsky, "Tablets of the astral light." Moscow: Publishing House "Exmo", 2004)

If carried to its logical conclusion the idea of the existence of black light that is present in contrast to the white always and everywhere, then close the creation of the material, or rather cover, capable of rapidly reflect even a small light source. Imagine a room where the light walls and ceiling, giving the desired light intensity and color. This coating has no external power source. Its operating principle is based on a properly designed reflectance material, or composition. Imagine a shop that do not require electricity for lighting. Sam ceiling gives a calm yellow light glows green machines neotvlekayuschim light. In this case, no need enhanced coverage of individual sites, because all around us are the surface shine and radiate (more correctly be said to reflect a) as much light as necessary. Scientists should focus on solving this problem. This would eliminate the possibility of the energy crisis and stop the destruction of the natural resources of the planet and, finally, to stop a terrible crime on the scale of the universe — burning electricity.

Alexander Smirnov, Ph.D.


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