Black marks




Let's first define what we have in mind, speaking of photos captured in a "black mark". This — the dark spots of various configurations, often — a perfect circle, ellipse, diamond, different sizes, with or without aura, without the shadow appearing on the black-and-white photos and color slides. In other words, this portion of film, the most light-struck some energy source.

Many believe that it was a UFO. Not quite right. Or rather to point out that the "tag" with no shadows are not objects. This is one of the important differences between black marks on the objects — UFOs — not observed visually. With them constantly have to work with. Objects in color film like "black mark" is also identical to leave a trace, identify with black-and-white processing. With color processing, this effect disappears and is found in the photo, or very light bulb, or a circle of other colors. In some cases, if the weather is good in places most frequent occurrence of anomalies "black mark" can be seen with the naked eye.

If you look good, you'll find in the sky impulsive brilliance. With the known location of the training labels are defined and psychic method, the feelings of their effects on the body. At such a time, working with the flash, you can see the ball, a strong reflection of light on it. However, there are nuances. Close presence of a "tag" is able to cause a denial flash and camera adversely affect humans.

"Tags" impulsively emit and move rapidly. There is one more thing — with high definition spots on the photo you can see a picture on it. In general, the behavior of the "black label" gives the impression of control of their actions.

You can think of a UFO — whether tangible or intangible object — in general as a tool capable of transporting sentient beings through the available energy in the environment are not known by us until the laws of its use.

In other words: UFO — it has a certain structure, shape and size of the vehicle is sufficient for the movement and protection of the crew.

One hypothesis suggests that the "black spots" — another form of intelligent substance in the form of energetic structures that provide glare of the photo-ops. There are many examples, including those published in print eyewitness. One of them — a famous case in 1975 near Moscow with Anatoly Malyshev. He was shown the transformation of the UFO pilot in the energy cluster, able to move in space.

There are cases when a glowing ball seen human-like faces or even out of these creatures.

Analysis of contacts with UFOs reveals another very interesting aspect. Many witnesses claimed that when ingested UFO object they could not understand why the alien craft, which seemed quite compact on the outside, suddenly found himself considerably bulkier. It is believed that this is due to the transformation of the human witness of the physical condition of a mental. At the moment of contact, the participants do not pay attention to how they look. That they just do not come to mind.

Estimations show that when hit by a "ship" as a man is reduced to 17-30 times. Thus it seems that an internal space volume increases, although this is not actually happening. In fact, imagine that you have moved to a state ball with a diameter of 5-10 cm object size of 7 meters will seem very large.

In the above energy state a person can not be more than a certain time. Apparently, there is exhaustion, dehydration of the physical body. That's why many have got into this situation contactees have warned that they will not return to Earth. Then the witness starts suddenly remember their earthly affairs, relatives, comes fear, and let go.

On the other hand, it is obvious that this condition is associated with a drastic decrease in mass, which makes it possible to withstand the tremendous overload.

The dynamic characteristics of the alien ships seem incredible. Their speed is superior to all analogues, which we can only imagine. Try to imagine, for example, the rate of 550 thousand light-years. Namely, in this mode you can move in 8 hours to cover the distance to the Pleiades constellation, as described in the case of the Swiss Billy Meyer. Of course, the question of the creation of such ships in the world for a long time will remain open.

But the "black marks" remain under scrutiny ufologists, especially since they are often recorded close to many places of hovering and landing of UFOs. Why is that?

Zodiac 16.2004

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