BRITISH DEFENSE MINISTER: HOW F-35, and how many drones?

BRITISH DEFENSE MINISTER: HOW F-35, and how many drones?
British pilots drill 6 weeks reversed based on Eglin Air Force started flying F-35 aircraft, which are presented as being more advanced in the world of stealth fighters, but Defense Minister Philip Hammond (Philip Hammond, pictured nearby with U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel ( Chuck Hagel) — approx. «VP») announced that the UK is currently not in a position to buy all planned to acquire this type of fighter.

In an exclusive interview with Sky News (May 4) Hammond announced that he ordered the first 48 aircraft to the desired amount of about 100 million pounds each, which from 2020 will be air group class aircraft carriers Queen Elizabeth. But the conclusion of the purchase of 90 aircraft other pending.

Head of the British Defense Ministry said that «the decision is dependent on the policy tools and international status of the situation, in addition, still unclear how further seen combination between manned fighter aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles.» There are 2 eye on the future — 80% is manned fighters, 20% — UAV, but there is another point of view with precision contrast.

British pilots admitted to flying the F-35, a highly regard his performance and flying characteristics. One of them said that «flights on the F-35 is perfectly trivial, it looks like a childish dream, I’m glad I was one of the British men who managed to be among the first to fly on this dazzling platform.»

Will need another 5 years before the first squadron of F-35B will be formed on the basis of Markham Royal Air Force. 17 Squadron will be one of the British air units, which over the next year will be placed in service F-35B, Imported from the U.S. Air Force Base Edwards.

Files of the F-35 is implemented in 3 versions — the base model and the master will be specialized equipment for the U.S. Air Force, in the model for the UK and the U.S. Marine Corps, model C is adapted based on aircraft carriers for the U.S. Navy.

U.S. will buy about 2,500 planes, UK first assume 138 other programs from participating countries — Canada, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Australia, Denmark and Norway — will receive about 500 fighters.

Firm Lockheed Martin suggests that within 30 years of mass production in the general difficulties will be sold 3922 F-35 fighters. This is not bad news for the UK, because it will have a share of 15% from the sale of each fighter, mainly due to production at the company BAE Systems in Lankanshire empennage for each F-35.

The greatest threat to applets considered high cost, taking into account that defense costs, especially in Western countries reduced.

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