Build a bridge and the road Ust-Luga — Koskolovo

Commissioned a highway that connects the track Ust-LugaKoskolovo with base and fleet of "Rosterminalugol" as well as the bridge over the river Khabolovka.
Designing this important area began in 2009 Construction of the road was carried out at the expense of JSC "Ust-Luga", work on the bridge crossing of funded "Rosterminalugol."
And last week, the administration of the municipality "Ust-Luga rural settlement" issued a permit for the facility to use.
"The length of the road 970 m, width of asphalt blades — 6m, width edge — 1.5-2 m in accordance with the project, construction of the road section length of about 630 m, for a final arrangement of the exit of the viaduct. The bridge across Khabolovka is 77 m, width — 10.5 m ", — said the head of the characteristics of the objects building control department of the technical directorate of« Ust-Luga "Vladimir Yakimov.

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