Built a business bridge between Russia and Portugal.


Rationality — one of the most important tools in the design of equipment for the construction of bridges.

The Russian company "STALFORM Engineering "and the Portuguese company« BERD »signed an agreement on international distribution.

As a result of the agreements, the company "STALFORM Engineering" is the official distributor and representative of the company «BERD» in Russia.

September 20 in Moscow, the official signing of the agreement of the parties.

The parties agreed on a mutual partnership and promoting the use of organic systems of prestressed (OSPN) of «BERD» through the existing distribution and logistics network.

The company "STALFORM Engineering" designs and manufactures standard and specialized formwork systems for civil and industrial monolithic construction and engineering services provided.

Typical formwork systems are designed for the device slabs, columns, interior and exterior walls of residential, public and industrial buildings. Specialized systems designed for the construction spans bridges, towers, tunnels, underground facilities, hydro and nuclear power plants.

Organic sistey of prestressed designed as a one-stop solution for bridges of reinforced concrete bridges and precast concrete prefabricated elements. The main elements are mobile OSPN volume elements of steel rolled sections forming the frame of the system, supporting formwork, forming the shape of the future bridge. Through the use of auto adaptive prestressing can significantly reduce the vertical deformation of concreting bridge spans, OSPN company «BERD» is much lighter than traditional support systems. Thus, less fuel, greater load-carrying capacity and a higher level of security — the main advantages of OSPN.
OSPN enough modularly expandable and can be used for bridges with spans of 25m. to 90 sq. particular type selection system employed in each project OSPN individual and depends on factors such as the cross-sectional shape, type of the pylons, the amount and length of the bridge span.


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