Built the first solar power plant in Russia

 Photo source:vragi-naroda.net

In Russia built and put into operation the first solar power plant.
This event is somehow passed by the national media, with all the constant rattle of innovation, modernization of the village of Skolkovo, a real example of modernization unnoticed.
Solar power plant built in the Belgorod region in a remote area Krapivenskiye Yards. The generated electricity will be supplied to the common energy network.
The tariff for solar power is quite high — 9 rubles per 1 kWh This is significantly more expensive than electricity from the Kursk NPP is supplied on 2.3-4 kWh Leaders of solar power plants and the government of the Belgorod region, believe that with the growth of electricity consumption to buy electricity at higher rate than more profitable to build new transmission lines and distribution substations, power generation and alternative in this situation really solve the problem of power shortage.
Design capacity of the new plant is 133.4 thousand kWh per year. Half of the solar panels manufactured at the Ryazan Metal Ceramics Instrumentation Plant is the only enterprise in Russia, solar panels which are certified and sold in Europe.
Solar power is virtually maintenance free, does not get in repairs and renovations, replacement of damaged or end-of solar panels is the current mode. This distinct advantage of alternative energy over thermal stations. Modern solar panels are capable of generating electricity even in the short days and low solar activity.
Solar power plant cost $ 22 million, and was built in two months.
In the Belgorod region is just two thermal power plants, which covers only 10% of demand, the main part of the area receives electricity from Novovoronezh and Kursk. For the ever-increasing amount of electricity was cheaper to buy electricity at 9 rubles per 1 kWh, than pull the new transmission lines. Building a solar plant expect to pay back in five years.

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