December 26 in Russia celebrate day air defense forces of the Army. Armed with military defense are detection, tracking and destruction of all types of flying objects from drones to stealth aircraft and ballistic missiles.

Killer helicopters

Developed in the 80s cannon-missile system «Tunguska» the military did not want to take a long time for service. In defense already had similar characteristics and range combat system «Wasp.» Maybe, it would have remained an army without these unique complexes, if not fictional attack helicopter pilots strategy tanks a jump. A few miles from the strip edge attack helicopters hovered in the folds of the terrain, invisible to radar, and later at one point podymali 15-20 meters, allowed anti-tank missiles and hidden back here. In the line of sight of air defense helicopters were not longer than flying to target their missiles — 20-30 seconds.

With a nasty surprise military found that shoot down helicopters skipping nothing. Existing air defense system did not have the necessary speed for this or based far from the collision. And only «Tunguska», the ability to go in tank combat formations, for 5 seconds to find the target and release it on a missile or open fire from guns, unable to resist the tricky strategy.

These combat vehicles can act alone and as part of the battery to give a command targeting Fri After the Gulf War «Tunguska» improved taking into account applied Yankees strategy: massive raid drones elicited location defense radars, they were destroyed by rockets, then army aviation unscathed suit hell on earth.

Located in the aft station complex detection and targeting is in the sky collectable object and sends its coordinates fixed on the tower station target tracking. That leads to until bortovik defines the coordinates of the point of the meeting for the artillery fire (it takes a few seconds.) Then four 30mm cannon complex (capable in any minute goal to send 5,000 armor-piercing incendiary) give all that turns into a sieve nearer to the combat formations or attack helicopter.

With missiles even easier and faster: the launch of one of the eight 9M311 missiles occurs after target detection and rough aiming tower. Then conducts missile tracking station and computer complex commands to undermine its warhead in close proximity to the unnecessary object. Undermining packed with metal rods warhead product makes on the way of soaring local object «meteor belt,» in which she breaks, at its own pace reinforcing rods devastating effect. Bottom line is the same — a sieve.

Impenetrable «Carapace»

In 2010, the Russian army began receiving missile-gun complexes «Carapace C1.» They are built and operate on the same principle as the «Tunguska», well, doing the same tasks: ground cover objects (including long-range air defense systems) from air attack. But thanks to the next generation of electrical innards, make them faster and better — «Carapace» able to withstand all of the existing tools are being developed and only air attack. At the same time he can do in one hundred percent automatic mode.

Method of work is not changed: radar detection phased array is the goal and passes them to support two stations — they also run reaching the objectives missiles. Along with radar works optronic fire control system. «Carapace» capable of firing four goals at once and capture up to 10 targets per minute, passing their coordinates to other launchers.

Any such vehicle can operate autonomously, or receive target coordinates from the command pt. At least some «Carapace» and he is able to become a team Fri: without ceasing fire, the complex can over a digital wireless network to manage battery of three to five of their own brethren. Perfect detection and tracking of targets around the car makes 100-zone interception protsentnogog radius of 20 km at altitudes from 0 to 15 thousand meters.

Hunter missiles

The S-300VM «Antey» has nothing to do with the C-300, standing armed forces aerospace defense and often flashed on the news. It even develop other KB.

«Antey» armed with 2 types of missiles. First hit any floating objects within 200 km of the second added an additional stage in this range have them twice. Both species have two targeting regime, they do not confuse noise and traps, and the undermining of fragmentation warhead destruction guarantees at least some to be near the object, right up to the ballistic missiles (to deal with them S-300 and created).

The complex comes to the command post, a powerful radar radial angle, two radar sector review — every 12 seconds allotted sector scans, simultaneously defining jammers and otstraivaya of them — for the opening of additional radar interference affected areas and four multi guidance station. Any launcher, except 4 missiles, armed with their radar target illumination and aiming at her.

All this allows «Antaeus» immediately firing 24 or 16 aircraft ballistic targets — including those made by stealth technologies, soaring at speeds up to 4,500 meters per second and is actively maneuvering. Speed ​​themselves complex missiles above 9000 km per hour.

During exercise on Ashuluk range in the Astrakhan region «Antey» for two minutes shot down 14 missiles simulating promising means of air attack possible opponent. NATO dubbed his Gladiator.

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