Caterpillar plague in Sevastopol. Photo


22.08.11.Kak informed agency e-Crimea entomologist of the State Inspectorate for Plant Quarantine Marina Kolomeets, white moth females lay eggs on the underside of leaves, on average 400-600 eggs in a clutch.

Caterpillars in the week beginning to emerge from the eggs and nests. These jacks are usually composed of 3-5 leaves, which eats a caterpillar. "When the leaves end, pests begin to unravel. They eat almost around the clock. Caterpillars clutches of 8-10 eggs can completely destroy the leaves on the tree for the month "- explained M. Kolomeets.

White moth caterpillar feeds on the leaves of trees, shrubs and flowers. Live tracks from a month to 40 days, depending on weather conditions. In the year of the butterfly gives seed twice. The first generation in May and June, the second — in August and September. The most active in this year was the second generation of butterflies.

"The white moth caterpillars long nap, so birds can not eat them. Urban services can not cope with the attack. Need help people. Recommendations are simple: to break off a branch and damaged carefully trample on a flat surface. Then the track will not do more harm. If not, they can raspolztis entire tree, pupate, and the following year the flash again ", — the expert warned.

According to the State Inspectorate for Plant Quarantine, the critical situation is now in the Leninsky district of Sevastopol.

Photo: e-Crimea

Source:  IA "E-Crimea" 

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