Chairman of the SEC Dawn Alexander Leyhtling — I am not a capitalist — just know how to work

About the SEC "Dawn" in Cherepanovsky district of Novosibirsk region today do not know except that lazy.


Everything about him is not, as is customary in Russia in the village: pay people to pay, home building, the money from his boss does not ask himself copes. Cope — not a word. Every year in his farm there is something new, a new shop, the new farm. Ideas — a grander another.


Today the SEC "Dawn" — a diversified economy in which there is a field crop and livestock production, and, most importantly, the foundation of prosperity — has its own processing. The farm has 850 head of cattle and a thousand pigs — which are obtained in the "Dawn" dumplings! Without any additives, all natural and delicious. Bakery products — is generally a separate conversation, produces more than 200 titles. Every morning, depart from the bakery shop ten cars loaded with fragrant. Two go to Novosibirsk, the others in surrounding areas and regions, the Altai Territory.

We have a vast range of, — Says the Deputy Chairman of the production Svetlana Arsyukova. — More than 20 types of bread, more than 80 types of cookies, and all kinds of pastries, cakes and other products. Prices are reasonable, for example, a roll of bread first grade is just 13.5 rubles. Our production is compact, we pass by, so prices are minimal. Next year, the volume of the shop will be built up, already built an additional room.


This year was generally successful in terms of building, — Explains Alexander Leyhtling. — In May, we started to build a livestock base, today it is almost ready. The regional authorities have helped to drill a well, put the water tower to water supply. The amount has been invested considerable, about three million rubles. Under the federal program to us now will lead a good asphalt road, and it's an incentive to build and develop further.

Support for the center — it's good, it does not support the advanced economy — do not understand, but most of all, Alexander Leyhtling transformation in the "Dawn" is doing at his own expense and in principle does not take credit. Not as he is a man to walk in someone's debtors.

The eternal question of "where to get the money?" Does not put me in a deadlock, — Says Alexander M.. — I try to run the economy competently, all are calculated to the contingency was the airbag. Economy — a serious thing, you begin to retreat from some of the rules, and you'll be bankrupt. We will not back down, build, develop. Many people think that I am a capitalist, but I just know how to work. And while I sleep well, because there did not steal — I was not plagued by nightmares. We state and bring real benefits to people.

The cornerstone is necessary to put a person, not yields. This is the credo of Alexander Leyhtlinga, and perhaps the secret of his success. Although the harvest in the "Dawn" is also all right. This year, despite the drought, it will be about the same as last year.


Must have already been written in all the encyclopedias, but on this once again say no to sin. Under the direction of Alexander M. revived abandoned and razed the village of Ukrainka "To revive the village — no joke, it was a bare place, I populated his people from Kazakhstan, Altai, Novosibirsk region, built the house and created a middle class at a small village. "

Construction is today — Ukrainian woman continues to grow houses. The well-being of its employees, he focuses on. In our wild time is reverent attitude to the man just amazing.

The procedure is simple: build a house, a minimum of 72 square for people to live in normal conditions, and welcome to work, — Says Alexander M.. — I give preference to married couples. Now we need machine operators and breeders.


People not only get a new full three-ruble note, but also a courtyard in 15 acres, hay, feed — all for free. This year, every house had running water, the next year, promised the chairman, improvement work will continue. According to Alexander Leyhtlinga, binding to a disciplined way of life of people. When a person feels the owner, it's better to work conscientiously.

Salary in the "Dawn" is produced without any delays or twice a month. The only condition — to work on the conscience and not to drink. By the way, in Ukrainka not sell alcohol, only on holidays.

It is planned to important thing — the construction of the club, the center of the village culture. This will also be a health center and a leisure center. Following the club will build a monument to those who went to the front with Ukrayinka and stayed there forever.

I found a list of natives of the local villages, will be doing a monument, — Says Alexander M. — so that people can come and worship that was a memory and understanding, no one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten.

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