Chebarkul grown zucchini with a quote from the Koran. Video


14.10.11.Slovo God on vegetables. Resident Chebarkul grown zucchini, which found the Arabic with the sacred words of the Quran.

Amazing zucchini Nakiya Ramazanova brought to the mosque, after finding it scratches like scripture. "My husband asked include squash for sale — says Nakiya Ramazanov, a resident of Chebarkul. — Then he noticed scratches on it, look: the word "Allah" written. My husband says: sell a million. But I'm not for any money not selling. I am the word of God more. "

That scribbled inscription, not the work of man, and a miracle, and agreed Chebarkulsky Imam mosque. To confirm Vugar Akperov invited experts who agreed and found similarities with inscriptions in Arabic script, literally means: "There is no God but one God." "He has other damage, but it is clear that they are made mechanically. It also shows that it is not mechanical damage: the inscription is completely different from them, "- commented Vugar Akbarov, Mufti of the Chelyabinsk region, Imam Chebarkul.

Now squash stored in a mosque. Zucchini decided not to eat, and certainly not to sell. Allowed to attend the vegetable seeds that will be planted in the spring.

Oksana Kuzmina

Source: STRC "South Ural"

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