Chelyabinsk again attacked gas emissions


29.08.11.Spetsifichesky smell townspeople felt the morning of 29 August 2011. Source of contamination is not installed.  

Management of civil protection experts went to the north-east of the capital of South Ural to investigate air samples.

As "Uralinformbyuro" the press service of the City Hall, with the news of this emergency administration head Sergei Davydov Chelyabinsk started bodies meeting on Monday. He said he would soon be submitting an application to the city prosecutor's office and the SU TFR in the Chelyabinsk region. Must be found and punished, said S.Davydov.

This "gas attack" in the city is not the first for this August. As previously reported, "Uralinformbyuro" on the night of August 24 at Chelyabinsk and Chelyabinsk elektromedeplavilnom plants spewed sulfur and hydrogen sulfide.

Source: Uralinformbyuro

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