Children of Nature

Since the time of the famous twins Romulus and Remus — the ones that founded the legendary Rome, which, according to the old legend, a she-wolf suckled, appeared many incredible stories about children who were able to survive the harsh conditions of the wild nature.

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In 1799, in August, in France, near Aveyron, people found a little boy. As it was clear he was quite a long time (ie several years) was in the woods, eating only acorns and roots. He was given a name — Victor Pinel. Jean — Marc Itard, a teacher who has worked with deaf, helped the boy to learn how to pronounce some words.

A boy named Peter found in 1729 in the forests within the area of Hanover (Germany). From clothes on it was only a collar around his neck, and then — this is were the real rags. He was able to survive in the forest due to the fact that eating berries and bark of trees. King George first ordered to deliver a baby in England. Despite the fact that the child lovingly cared for, he was not able to learn to speak.

In addition, the stories were cases in which the accident lost kids raised four-legged animals, most of them — wolves. In October 1920, Joseph Singh found in the cave of two girls — 8 years and 18 months. They were "adopt" a family of wolves and wolf cubs were brought up with. Singh took the girls to his house, hoping that they will be able to return to a normal, human life.

The younger girl named Amal, unfortunately, was not able to learn or stand upright or talk, and a year later — has died. The older girl, Kamal Singh's family has lived in 9 years — during which time she was able to learn to walk on two legs, has boiled food to utter a few words. During this time, she became more and more like a normal person.

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