Chile. Atacama Desert. Is this not is Curiosity?

Sometimes you do things creates a strikingly similar nature on different planets. I want to introduce you to a place under the title: Atacama Desert, located in Chile and having an incredible resemblance to the Martian landscape, photos which gives us Curiosity.

Some areas of the desert have not seen a drop of rain for hundreds of years. These areas are characterized by orange and red. Other areas have no shortage of moisture. It meets shrubby vegetation, and even cacti. On the horizon, one can see the majestic Andes and active volcanoes. From volcanic vents ominous smoke, and the white sand of the desert everywhere mixed with black ash deposited after the last eruption.

All these factors together form a totally unrealistic pattern similar to Mars rather than for our planet. If the person delivered here blindfolded, remove the bandage, he hardly believe that is still on Earth.


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