Chile were covered with snow. Video


21.07.11.Prezident Chile Sebastian Pinera announced Wednesday a "zone of disaster" the foothills of the Andes in the Araucanía region on the border with Argentina because of unprecedented frosts and heavy snowfalls

 As RIA Novosti reported with reference to the Chilean media, more than any other weather-damaged Lonkimay commune, located 700 kilometers south of the capital Santiago, Chile.

Last night the temperature dropped to -18 degrees are Celsius, and the roads are blocked by two-meter drifts, isolated from the outside world about 6,5 thousand inhabitants. Such anomalies in the area were not observed in the last 30 years (now in the southern hemisphere winter). Several hundred homes without electricity, intermittent running radio and mobile communications. Began dying sheep usually graze on natural pastures.

President of Chile said that snowfalls in the region which has not yet recovered from the eruption of a nearby volcano Puyeue, waking in early June and continues to emit ash.

In the disaster area has already begun delivery of humanitarian supplies, blankets, and warm clothing. To coordinate actions there to the Minister of Defense and Deputy Andres Alyamand Interior Minister Rodrigo killed.

Abnormal cold in July affected many countries in South America and has already caused the death of about 30 people.

Source: Focus, REN TV

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