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14.07.11.Yugo-western China covered strongest navodneniem.Prichina — rain showers that did not stop more than a day.

From the mountains go torrents, which carries with it dozens of cars. Damaged thousands of homes. Many areas were without electricity.

The issue of the transfer of additional forces rescuers. The element does not leave the region since the end of June.
During this time, killing at least eight people, 170,000 had to be evacuated.

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In Southwest China landslide washed away into the river in 1500 cylinders for liquefied gas


14.07.11.V night from 12 to 13 July in the county of Sichuan Yatszyan / Southwest China / 1500 LPG cylinders were washed into the local river Yalong landslide caused by heavy rains. About 500 of them are filled with gas. This was reported by local authorities.

It currently being made for their uplift. By now, some of them have been taken from the river.

It is reported that the cylinders of the river to arrive at noon today in the Ertan hydropower and there are ready to neutralize all possible cases of emergency.




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