China to hit a powerful hail


Guiyang, April 17 / Xinhua / — 158 thousand inhabitants Anshun prov. Guizhou / Southwest China / suffered from hail that hit some townships and villages Anshun in the evening on April 15 to the morning of 16 th.

As it became known corr. Xinhua News Agency in the city government, the disaster affected 8,270 hectares selskohozugody. Destroyed more than 6,000 homes. Direct economic losses are estimated at 80.9 million yuan.

In China, from heavy hail hit about 280 thousand people. Element struck the province of Hubei. Hailstones the size of a quail egg damaged thousands of homes and destroyed crops over vast areas. Hardest hit by bad weather tea plantations, corn fields and land where tobacco is grown. Economic damage from bad weather is estimated at nearly $ 9 million.

Human sacrifice was avoided. Injured two local residents, a hailstone hit on the head, the other — on the back, according to Xinhua.


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