Chinese modern ACS PLZ-52

Chinese modern ACS PLZ-52

In 2005, a Chinese company North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) at the Beijing International Aviation Expo exhibition presented a new 155-mm self-propelled howitzer PLZ-52 (also known under the designation Type 05 and PLZ-05).

Howitzer developed by improvement of the artillery systems PLZ-45 and PLL01 caliber 155 mm, which were developed first 1990s. Such self-propelled guns were in service with the People’s Liberation Army of China, and were exported, priemuschestvenno in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait (the latter ordered the supply of 2-parties on any systems 27). But the manufacturer in the process of market research found that modern buyers prefer old 155-mm system with a barrel length of 45 calibres long SAU with 52 caliber, as it allows to increment the firing range. In addition, for PLZ52 can be used 155-mm shells designed for PLZ45, standard NATO ammunition, as Russian artillery shells with laser guidance. Development of self-propelled artillery installation PLZ-52 began in the midst of the 1990s. First saw the layout set in 2003.

Chinese modern ACS PLZ-52

As a base PLZ-52-6 used stoney tracked chassis, which is very similar to the Russian self-propelled artillery 2S19 (MSTA-S) 152 mm caliber. According to Chinese sources Type 05 is a completely Chinese development and not a copy of Russian artillery system.


Chinese self-propelled gun PLZ-52 is armed with a howitzer type L52 — 155-mm barrel length of 52 caliber, delivering the highest range of up to 53 km an active-type rockets ERFB-BB-RA, up to 39 km — ordinary shells and up to 20 km — Managed laser-guided missiles.

The gun is equipped with an autoloader providing chambering rounds at different elevations of the barrel, and modular propelling charge, which implements the highest rate of fire 8 shots per minute. With all of this is provided by the rate of fire — 3 shots in 15 seconds and simultaneously undermining 4 rounds, which significantly increases the intensity of the fire impact on the enemy goal. PLZ-52 machine can load 30 ammunition on board. The trunk is equipped with extractor propellant gases and slotted muzzle brake. The barrel in the transport position is held in place with a lock located on the front plate. The castle is set manually. Gun in the vertical plane is induced in the range from -3 ° .. +68 °, and the tower in the horizontal plane can spin a full 360 °. ACS trunk can withstand about 2.5 thousand shots.

As an additional anti-aircraft gun armament is W85 12.7 mm mounted on the turret and is used to protect the machine in action. In addition, the gun can be used in the formulation barrage counteracting low-flying targets. Gun ammunition — 500 rounds. Gun controls ACS commander. In addition on each side of the tower in its frontal part found one smoke grenade on four shots.

Design and protection

The design of the hull and turret self-propelled artillery installation of PLZ-52 is very similar to the PLZ-45 self-propelled guns, different barrel length (45 gauge) at the same caliber guns. Construction — welded from steel armor that provides protection from shell fragments and small arms fire guns. The crew of four men ACS commander, driver, gunner and loader. The driver’s seat is located in the front of the chassis to the left of the motor. The driver’s seat is equipped with a 3-periscopes, entry / exit opening has a solid reverse flap. The tower is located in the rear of the chassis. This assembly increases the stability of self-propelled, as while driving, and the management of fire. Internal volume of the tower compared with tower PLZ-45 increased. Commander’s cupola is placed closer to the left side of the tower, and the right side — the hatch for the shooter. On the front panel flap installed commander panoramic sight. In the stern of the tower there is a pair of small doors, and in the rear of the hull — huge doors opening to the right and started to load ammunition.


Self-propelled gun PLZ-52 is equipped with a 1,000-horsepower engine, automatic transmission with aggregated to provide better maneuverability mobility. On roads with hard coating SAU PLZ-52 can move at speeds up to 65 km / h, with supplies running 450 kilometers.

Torsion bar suspension on both sides has 6 double drive wheels with rubber band. Sixth and fifth wheels are spaced at a greater distance, to ensure rational rassredotachivaniya mass. The steering wheel is in the rear of the hull, leading — in the bow. In addition, each side has three support rollers. To protect the upper part of the suspension are side screens.


Self-propelled gun PLZ-52 is equipped with a digital fire control system having a two-channel thermal sight, laser rangefinder. Maybe part of the electrical equipment comes radar measuring initial velocity of the projectile. She also has a small reaction time before the first shot that provides outstanding survivability self-propelled guns on the battlefield. Laser fiber-optic gyro navigation system allows autonomous operation without the support of reconnaissance vehicles. Computer technologies simplify and make better exchange of information. Implementing mental 155mm shells, such as GS1 and laser homing projectile allow ACS PLZ-52 hit on the battlefield different goals. In the standard equipment self-propelled artillery unit includes: auxiliary power unit, the system of collective security system with fire detection and suppression of explosions.

Chinese modern ACS PLZ-52


The main ammunition SAU PLZ-52 are 155-millimeter rounds of separate loading, the creation of which is a Chinese company Norinco:
— High-explosive projectile ERFB / HE having a drive belt and improved aerodynamics;
— High-explosive projectile having ERFB-BB/HE bottom gasifier, a leading band and improved aerodynamics;
-High-explosive rocket-actively ERFB-BB/RA;
— Star shell;
— Cassette shell 72 combat element;
— Smoke bomb.

Can also be used NATO standard 155-millimeter ammunition. Used for high-precision firing artillery shell having a controlled laser-guided missiles. This ammunition was copied from Russian missile «Krasnopol» that allows you to fire at a range of 3 to 20 km.

Can be conducted not only hanging fire, and direct fire, as an ordinary gun.
For the supply and delivery of ammunition, of course, can be used transport-loading vehicle of PLZ-45 howitzers.

Currently, conducted mass production PLZ-52 self-propelled guns. Adopted the People’s Liberation Army of China in 2012 took 240 of these machines.
In the PLA they are distributed, followed by this:
1. Shenyang Military District (60 cars):
— 1st and 2nd Battalions, 7th Artillery Brigade, a group of 39th Army. In total, 36 self-propelled;
— 1st Battalion, Artillery Regiment, 116th Mechanized Infantry Division, 39th Army Group. In total, 24 self-propelled guns.
2. Beijing Military District (72 units):
— 3rd and 4th Battalions, 6th Artillery Brigade, 38th Army Group. In total, 36 self-propelled guns.
— 1st and 2nd battalions, an artillery regiment, the 112th Mechanized Infantry Division, 38th Group Army. In total, 36 self-propelled guns.
3. Nanjing Military District (36 cars):
— 1st and 2nd Battalions, Artillery Regiment, 1st Amphibious Mechanized Infantry Division ,1 Army Group. In total, 36 self-propelled guns.
4. Guangzhou City Military District, (72 units):
— 2nd and 5th Battalions, Artillery Regiment, 123rd Mechanized Infantry Division, 41st Army Group. In total, 36 self-propelled guns.
— 1st and 2nd battalions, an artillery regiment, the 124th Amphibious Mechanized Infantry Division, 42th Army Group. In total, 36 self-propelled guns.
Data on exports unavailable.
Technical Properties

Weight — 43 thousand kg;
Length — 11 600 mm;
Width — 3380 mm;
Height — 3550 mm;
Main weapon caliber — 155 mm;
Barrel length — 52 caliber;
Caliber anti-aircraft gun — 12.7 mm;
Angle horizontal guidance — 360 degrees;
Angle vertical guidance — from -3 to 68 degrees;
The highest speed — 65 km / h;
Most firing range — 53 sq m;
Rate — 8 rds / min;
Crew — 4 people.

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