Network, a new photo of the Chinese «mountain» tank. This machine case «lit up» a bit more than a year back. Echelon with 2 such tanks was unknown photographer captures the moment when he was heading to the area of ​​Tibet.
Since that time, no official records on this subject and did not appear, only occasionally flicker web photo case made of this tank is usually possible to see the car during its transportation railway transport. There are also photos on car trailer. And now — the first photo of the «mountain of the tank» in mountainous terrain.
Shestiopornoe chassis of this war machine, apparently, is equipped with adjustable hydropneumatic suspension. This adjustable suspension just need a mountain criteria, it will greatly enhance the mobility and survivability of the tank.
Specialists, monitor configurations that occur in the development of Chinese armored vehicles, long-running dispute about the caliber artillery gun mounted on this military machine. Some to speculate that there is worth nearly 125-mm gun, but judging by this picture it can be carried on the guns of 100-105mm. A means firepower, this tank concedes, for example, the Russian «Octopus SD» having just 125 mm gun.
One can imagine that the Chinese tank has a fire control system, which is taken from the main battle tanks. Judging again, according photo, the machine has a relatively light armor protection. Although it is possible that later versions appear with reinforced armor.
Development of the Chinese tank development is characterized in that the local designers can not or do not specifically seek a unified platform on which to make the technique for different types of troops. As a result, the Airborne Troops will own light tank at the Marine Corps own, while the formations deployed in mountainous areas, its war machine. Right if the creators of the vehicle from China? This operation will only rich in the army.

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