The world first learned of the Chupacabra back in 1975 in Puerto Rico. This is the name of this monster comes from Spain. In translation "chupacabra" is designated as being sucked out of goats. This name was given not just — the first victims of the beast were goats. The strange fact is that the body was completely absent blood, and his body was no damage, except that the two small wounds in the neck.

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Once in Puerto Rico, was a series of attacks on animals began to appear bloodless corpses in several other countries: Chile, USA, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, Peru and Argentina.

In 2005, residents of Russia and Ukraine for the first time learned about the Chupacabra, when the recorded attacks on rabbits and chickens. All of the victims had no blood at all, on their neck attended small wounds approximate depth of 2-5 centimeters. In some cases, the victims did not have the internal organs — they were taken quite a neat way — through small incisions on the abdomen. Another feature was surprised by a number of scientists — dead animals are not numb, while maintaining the mobility of joints and soft tissues.

In 1996, the first recorded case of Chupacabra attacks on humans. Also in Puerto Rico has suffered from a mysterious beast woman. She survived, while able to describe the beast. According to her, the Chupacabra looked like a gorilla with a white coat. Also suffered and the occasional witness — a souvenir scars on his body from the claws and teeth. There is only one small detail: according to the woman, the animal resembles a gorilla, but the gorillas in Puerto Rico has never been.

The question "Who is the Chupacabra?" Science can not answer for sure. It is believed that this is either a kangaroo with a secretive life, or an alien. In any case, there is no formal animal as El Chupacabra, but many of the facts suggests otherwise.

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