Climate change has led Vultures in Northern California

February 19, 2013. According to ABC, because of the mild winter, flocks of turkey vultures, chose his home Shelby, North Carolina, but people are afraid of their neighbors. Although the birds usually fly through the city during the migration south for the winter, vultures are now stuck there for the whole year, lawns are teeming with them, and it makes residents nervous.

"We are now not cold enough to push them out of here," — said Kristen Duren, intern public services Agriculture of North Carolina, a local television station WSOC-TV.

"Where was 5-10 birds now — up to 150," — says Joan Schmutz, who lives in the same house in Shelby since 1963, according to

Vultures usually gather in the mornings and evenings. "They come and they are there every morning, "- She said. — "In the morning, they throw out their wings and close the sun" — says surveillance Schmutz. — "They did not give me trouble because I love looking at them. But they are doing something in the yard. "

Schmutz said the bird, for the most part remain on the trees, but believes that "more than a hundred [of birds] can be seen every day in our area." Schmutz also said that the turkey vulture began to flock to the region two years ago. She says that she received in the mail a notice of removal of birds from the neighborhood, but something we "did not notice anything."

Based on: ABC
Source: News plus comment

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