Come and listen. In Moscow museums lecture university professors.

Social life in Moscow is becoming saturated. Yoga, bicycle races, cooking classes — all of these can be practiced in various parts of the city, free of charge. And now the interesting activities will be even greater.
On new opportunities to expand their horizons told the press conference "University, opened the city: Thursdays lectures in museums in Moscow."

This project — the continuation of a public lecture at the National Research University "Higher School of Economics", which worked throughout the summer in Central Park of Culture and Leisure. Gorky. University professors were the guests of the park to give lectures and answer questions.
— We want to shape the environment is not only intelligent, but also emotional — one in which it would be pleasant to live and breathe, — explained the director of corporate projects HSE Valeria Kasamara. — During the three months of summer we spent 15 lectures on a variety of topics: in philosophy, cultural studies, political science, oriental, design. Not only on the economy. The only economist lecture was "washed out" rain …
Summer is over, but the public lectures will continue — though no longer in the open air, and in museums in Moscow. Every time — at the new site. Their content will be associated with the subject of the exhibition or trade show. The fact that the HSE among the partners in this project was not such "giants" as the State Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin and the State Tretyakov Gallery, the project's organizers explained the desire to introduce people to the small chamber of the museum, which were certainly not all residents of the capital, let alone a party.
Total for the coming school year is scheduled 30 lectures. The first act in the State Museum of Oriental Art Head of the Department of Oriental HSE Alexey Maslov. Then, Faculty of Design will host a lecture at the Moscow House of Photography. A third is planned lecture about the European Middle Ages and the problems of Christianity, it will be held in the Protestant Cathedral of Peter and Paul. Subsequent you can listen to the museum-apartment of Dostoevsky, the Museum of businesses, patrons and philanthropists, the Jewish community center of tolerance and the State Museum of Contemporary History of Russia.
— People are terribly lacking intellectual conversations. No mature normal communication. We just needed a very popular lectures about difficult things. Got to get back to basics, — says Alexey Maslov.
Museums, in turn, such a partnership with the University of extremely satisfied — after lecture Thursdays in small museums attract more visitors, said the owner of one of the sites, the director of the State Literary Museum Dmitry Bak. Moreover, many of them are willing to let new guests without tickets, which will be another nice bonus for the audience.
By the way, reminded D.Bak, public lectures is not new in our country. For the first time something like this has been organized in 1810 for the landowners, enthusiastic agricultural technique and medicine. Then read lectures at Moscow State teachers — while Imperial — University. In 1840 there was a new burst — his lectures on the history of university professors started reading Timothy Granovsky and Stepan Shevyrev. According to contemporary accounts, the lack of listeners were not.
Now public appearances have become a trend. They say that everyone is trying to organize them. Against this background is particularly important that the enlightenment, the popularization of science engaged scientists themselves. After all, not all residents of the capital are studying in universities, but it does not mean that they do not seek for new knowledge.

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