Company for disposal of hazardous waste was opened in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

"The opening of this complex allows us to solve a very important problem for Kamchatka — waste management, which previously decades decompose in landfills and cause irreparable damage to the environment, — said Konstantin ILCA. — Today it is important to consider how to organize the work with people to mercury-containing lamps, tires and similar waste gets recycled. This is the conclusion of contracts with enterprises, and conducting awareness campaigns, and the organization of places to pass, as possible to provide waste collection and disposal. "

Capacity of the new plant is designed for the handling of hazardous waste is not only the edge of the capital, but also the entire region.

The first and only factory in the peninsula (LLC "Ecology") on the disposal of mercury-containing waste, tires, plastics, etc., was put into operation in January 2013. The enterprise uses the most advanced technology, eliminating the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. The resulting by-products are safe for both nature and humans.

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