Conducted the first in the North Caucasus, open heart surgery

The specialists of the regional vascular center of Karachay-Cherkessia to provide high-tech medical care to patients heart attacks and strokes performed the first open heart surgery. Earlier in the North Caucasus Federal District, similar operations in regional hospitals were not met.

The first patient 47 years old, in December 2012, he suffered a heart attack. Patient's condition gradually worsened and the doctors were doing a poor prognosis, tying it with a second heart attack. The only thing that could save his life — a heart operation.

The first open heart surgery in the regional center of Karachay-Cherkessia served the medical team, which included the head of the center Marat Temrezov, doctors and nurses center, as well as experts from the Federal State Institution "Institute of Circulation Pathology Academician EN Meshalkina "Candidates of Medical Sciences Alexei Sevastyanov cardiac surgeon, anesthesiologist Eugene Semaev, Physician perfusionist Valentine Golden.

The operation took place in the new operating system, which was built under the program "South of Russia" and equipped with the latest high-tech equipment for the program "Modernization of the health of KCR."

Center specialists expect that in 2013 there will be held over 40 cardiac surgery, and from next year the figure will be 250 operations per year. 

The operation itself was a success. The patient feels well and takes post-operative rehabilitation. Plans in the near future to return to work and normal activities. Doctors say that in addition to the natural limitations of rehabilitation after a complex surgical procedure, there are no restrictions for the normal life of the patient is not present.

"In fact, open-heart surgery — it is standard procedure for large specialized federal clinics Russia and the world. And in order to carry out, requires several conditions — good operating, modern high-tech equipment and the good hands of skilled physicians. All this in a regional vascular center of Karachay-Cherkessia is. The operation took place at the highest level. The patient is already walking and will soon be discharged from the hospital, "- noted cardiac surgeon FGU "Institute of Circulation Pathology Academician EN Meshalkina "Alexei Sevastyanov.

The first successful experience in performing open-heart surgery suggests that the Karachay-Cherkessia is to provide a new level of high-tech medical care.

Employees of the regional vascular center remember 2011, when the government of the republic, it was decided to create a center-based modern cardiac surgery operating room. At that time, the center's specialists have already shown good results rentgensluzhby. Every day was held to 7-8 procedures for coronary angiography and coronary stenting. To view you must have been the center of his own heart surgery service.

Experts from the vascular center were trained in various federal hospitals, including the FGI "Institute of Circulation Pathology Academician EN Meshalkina. " Between this institution, which is one of the leading Russian Cardiology in, and regional vascular center signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of cardiac surgery services in Karachay-Cherkessia. Now to the republic for a long time team arrived specialist doctors from Novosibirsk, who will help develop services in the country.

"We came here to help our colleagues to put heart surgery. I believe that we will succeed, because the regional vascular center has a great basis: operating, coronary care units that are equipped with the best equipment. All that is necessary, here it is. Most importantly, there are very competent professionals. I believe that in 2-3 months they will begin to work independently. Our task — just work out some of the nuances that come with something new. There are all prerequisites to ensure that in Karachay-Cherkessia had a heart surgery, "- shared his impressions of the doctor-anesthesiologist from Novosibirsk Eugene Semaev.

That, as special medical equipment, all of it — the expert class, which are equipped with modern clinics in Russia and Europe. This is a heart-lung machine, without which there can be no heart surgery, modern anesthetic equipment and operating tables, consoles, which are connected to gas, modern expendable.

The operating in a modern style using high-quality materials on the technology "clean" operating. Air purification system it is arranged in such a way that there is a constant circulation of air ionization, and that allows you to perform operations without interruption and interruption to the processing room.

Furthermore, the operating unit is also equipped with preoperative, washing complexes, modern gas sterilizer in which over 30 minutes to posterilizovat any tool. When operating a special laboratory equipped with modern analyzers, which are necessary for the operation. Provide continuous monitoring of the patient, as open heart surgery are associated with strong cooling of the heart and then the heating process.

At the end of 2010 Karachay-Cherkessia included in the list of subjects for the implementation of measures aimed at improving medical care for patients with vascular disease. Funds were allocated to the creation of a center of regional and federal budgets. More than 130 million rubles was spent on the renovation of premises and equipment of the center. In May 2011, the regional vascular center was opened. Currently the center is ready to provide assistance to patients with vascular lesions of the heart and brain, as well as patients with acute myocardial infarction.

The establishment includes a branch endovascular therapies, vascular surgery and vascular neurosurgery, neurology intensive care and cardiac intensive care, and cardiac surgery, neurology, cardiology, the receiving department, and 12 ICU.

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