Continue the conversation: Russian machine-tool on the verge of change?

Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Gleb Nikitin certain: Russian machine tools are waiting for a change for the better.

In an interview with Trend."Rossiyskaya Gazeta"official described how the government will try to solve the global problem to change the shape of engineering. According to Gleb Nikitin, one of the tools to solve it is the state program "Development of the industry and increase its competitiveness in the period up to 2020."

The most important part of this program is a subroutine "The development of domestic machine tool and tool industry." "Activities routine tasks linked to a large government program. Thus, the development of machine tool industry is excluded from the priorities of the state industrial policy and at the end of sub-program on machine tool," — said the deputy minister. "The essence of the subroutine is to create separate, randomly selected types of machine tools. Routine involves all kinds of technological tools of engineering production, and not just machine tools, and as objects to create a careful analysis of selected precisely those kinds of hardware and software systems that are currently in Russia are not made, but the most popular Russian machine-building enterprises that implement its technical re "- said Gleb Nikitin. "The subprogram is not intended to go to the full self-sufficiency Russian machine by all means of production. Its resources are sufficient to address the task of eliminating critical dependence of the Russian machine-building strategic organizations and the military-industrial complexes of the supply of foreign technological means of production engineering" — said Gleb Nikitin. "Subroutine is some additional leverage support and assistance to the industry, — he added. — But we can not limit ourselves to public investment, both capital and financing development.'s More important for the industry to ensure a significant demand by the federal target programs, primarily related with the development of DIC. This growth in demand should lead to increased private investment in the industry, increasing the investment attractiveness for private investors. potential domestic production depends on us, and from the manufacturers.'s in our hands. " From 2012 to 2016 it is planned to increase total demand no less than 3 times in the year. With the adoption and implementation of government regulations starting from February 7, 2011 N 56, which prohibits the purchase of imported machines defense companies at the expense of the state budget, if there is a Russian production of similar machines, conditions for attracting foreign companies to the development of the Russian machine-tool industry. Given the amount of funds that the Russian state has invested and will invest in the modernization of defense industry, the largest international manufacturers of machine tools started to think about the localization of their products in the Russian territory, so as not to lose the rapidly growing Russian market. March 5, 2013 under the chairmanship of the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturova in MSTU "STANKIN" Investment Forum was "The conditions and prospects for production metalworking equipment in the Russian Federation", which was attended by the leaders of the world's largest machine tool companies from Germany, Japan, Italy , Czech Republic, Switzerland and other countries. "As a result of the forum to get a clear idea about the plans of foreign producers, as well as forms of mutually beneficial cooperation, — said the deputy minister. — At the site MSTU" STANKIN "signed an agreement on the establishment of a cluster machine tool, in which, inter alia, provides for the establishment and development of joint productions with foreign companies. " The relevant agreement signed four regions: Tatarstan, Rostov, Sverdlovsk and Ulyanovsk Oblast. "Russian Industry and Trade Ministry recommends that Western investors, these four regions, as it is in these areas is concentrated main potential of the domestic machine tool industry — said Gleb Nikitin. — There is no doubt wishing to enter the list of the cluster machine tool industry will not be limited to these regions." "If we talk about foreign investors, they will not go to Russia to create a full production cycle, and the most high-tech products, — he continued. — Any investor who organizes the production of their products in another country, usually starts with a low degree of localization of production (the so-called 'screwdriver' industries) and with the production of the most massive, not very sophisticated products. task of ministry at this stage — to achieve a qualitative change in the situation that foreign manufacturers of metalworking equipment would be moved from the simple import of its products to Russia for its production in Russia territory (even if at first and on the principle of SKD). Later will be solved the problem of creating the conditions for a gradual increase in the degree of localization of production and expand the range of made to more complex products. " "A number of foreign companies with significant capital investment is now actively interested in the machine tool industry, negotiations with Russian enterprises. Accordingly, these negotiations have led to a positive result, should help to provide a system integrator. State-owned Assets little, they are not determined by the market and the state should not be a major player in the creation of the production. approach should be a market. Therefore, the role of system integrator in Rostekhnadzor, where is concentrated the whole part of the state assets not numerous, it is primarily in the engineering and integration of information regarding the needs of the industry. State and system integrator — production State Engineering Center, as well as a new approach to science and education — the combination of these factors will ultimately form a joint fist that will systematically build a map of the development of machine tool industry and lead to the development of the industry. For large-scale changes in the landscape industry is not enough to develop any one sector and including machine tools. truly systematic approach involves the development of cross-sectoral institutions such as engineering. Under the state program "Development of the industry and increase its competitiveness" is planned to prepare a routine for the development of engineering. Much of the engineering is complete engineering for the preparation of production, which in turn suggests the formation of the order for the equipment, "- said Gleb Nikitin. In conclusion, the Deputy Minister added: "The Ministry of Industry also provides for the development of cross-cutting institutions such as standardization, which is currently underdeveloped. Already prepared the corresponding version of the law on standardization and other markets, which are cross-cutting, such as biotechnology, new materials, smart media and production, Of course, engineering. But the machine tool industry, of course, remains a promising program. because it is base, creating the conditions for competitiveness of all industries. She was almost the most important routine of the current edition of the State program. So now at the level of the Ministry of machine tool is given greater attention. "

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