Crime in the Perm region decreased by 14 percent

Perm police summed up the results for the first half of 2013. For six months in the Kama 27923 registered crime, which is 14 percent less than in the first half of last year.

Reducing crime boss Research Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Perm region, Yuri Valyaev associated with past police reform, cleansing its ranks from unscrupulous employees and consolidation of regional departments of the Interior.

— Unfortunately, constantly having to distract our employees from their regular duties, — the head of the central board. — For example, the protection of the rule of law in Kazan during Universiade we have 321 seconded police officer. Periodically select employees for football matches and other public events. 

Meanwhile, detection of this kind of serious as murder, in the region reached the level of one of the highest in Russia — 97.5 percent.

Also in the Perm region significantly reduced crime and in the ranks of law enforcement officers themselves. Instead of 41 crimes in the past year for the six months of this year among the Perm police found a total of 16 criminal offenses.

Their priorities for the future Yuri Valyaev called strengthening the fight against illegal forest felling, removal of underground gambling establishments in the region and the operational supervision of the activities of national diasporas in the Kama area in which, according to official data, is more than 50 thousand people.

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